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Is Kevin Feige Wrong To Delay The Incredible Hulk 2?

The Abomination in The Incredible Hulk (2008).

The Abomination in The Incredible Hulk (2008). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been a thunderous week for Marvel fans, as early screenings of The Avengers have gone down fantastically well with critics and fans alike! While official reviews are embargoed for the next couple of days, much praise has been given to the way the film has brought new life into the Incredible Hulk, which is why some fans are disheartened by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige for announcing there are no plans for a Hulk sequel…

Marvel’s mindset is clearly ‘if it’s not broken, don’t try and fix it’. The Jade Giant has had two films in the last ten years, which haven’t gone down well at the box-office, 2008’s Incredible Hulk is the lowest ranked film from Marvel Studios, earning an unimpressive $263,427,551 worldwide. While The Avengers will undoubtedly open doors for new characters into the cinematic universe, ruling the Hulk out so soon is a tad drastic considering the story potential left for the character. In the two films we’ve seen the Green Goliath, all he’s done is run from the military, and face some sort of rogue science experiment in both film’s endings. There’s so much more to the character than crushing tanks and running as a fugitive.

When The Avengers pre-production geared forward, it was obvious Joss Whedon had decided to make Bruce Banner more comfortable with himself, as opposed to the tortured character we are so used to seeing. This appears to have gone down well with audiences, as most early reactions from the film point towards how well the Hulk was handled. Baring there’s not a sudden rush of scathing reviews next week, surely now is the perfect time to create the fun Hulk sequel we all wish to see. Granted there’s a television show supposedly in production, but there are still plot threads left open from 2008’s Incredible Hulk to be addressed.

Tim Blake Nelson impressed as Dr. Samuel Sterns in 2008, and we still haven’t seen how his transformation to supervillain The Leader occurs. While there is supposedly an Avengers comic book addressing the Leaders whereabouts, I feel a Hulk vs. Leader showdown would be an epic contrast to 2008’s underwhelming brawl with the Abomination.

I can’t help but feel Marvel will go back on their word and give the Hulk a sequel some time in the near future. Feige has hinted Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy films are on their way as well as guaranteed Iron Man, Captain America and Thor sequels. Marvel are preparing a cinematic onslaught and I doubt they’re going to leave out one of their most beloved characters



What More Can We Expect From Marvel Studios? Part 1

Variant cover art for New Avengers #1, by Joe ...

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Next year is make or break for Marvel Studios. The success of the heavily anticipated Avengers film will determine whether or not Marvel open up their character catalogue even further on screen. If the movie flops, we’ll have to get used to seeing Iron Man and Thor sequels for the time being. If the movie succeeds, surely Marvel will fast track some of their other B and C list heroes into movie stardom. With so many characters to chose from, Marvel have a great opportunity to expand their fan base even further.

1) The Winter Soldier

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. A movie based on the Winter Soldier could do wonders for Marvel. We haven’t had a dark film from Marvel Studios since the first Iron Man, and a solo outing for Bucky Barnes could be Marvel’s answer to the Bourne films.  Ever since Ed Brubaker brought Bucky back from the dead and turned him into an ex-Soviet killing machine, the Winter Solider has become one of Marvel’s most compelling characters. Plus, with a new solo series set to hit stands next year; the Winter Soldier’s popularity is at an all time high.

2) The New Avengers

The reason for me choosing the New Avengers as a future movie is because I do not think solo films based on characters such as Luke Cage, Spider-Woman and Ms Marvel would be financially successful. Put them in an ensemble feature, and it’s a whole different ball game. The reason for the New Avengers existence in the Marvel cinematic universe could be that Nick Fury requires a team to handle the more down to earth threats of the universe. Due to Sony and Fox holding the cinematic rights to Spider-Man and Wolverine, we wouldn’t see them, however they could surely be replaced with characters such Iron Fist and Doctor Strange.

3) Ant-Man

We know a film based on Hank Pym is in development, currently scheduled for 2014 with Edgar Wright in the director’s chair. Little is known about the film so far, except from that it will be light in tone, which is a shame considering the enormous potential there is to explore Hank’s dark side. If the film is going to maintain a light-hearted tone throughout, it creates a big opportunity to introduce Janet van Dyne aka The Wasp into Marvel’s cinematic universe. With enough character development, we could easily see Ant-Man and Wasp slot into the Avengers 2.


So there are my first three picks for future movies from Marvel Studios. There are other characters that could also benefit from a trip to Hollywood, however I would love to see Winter Solider, New Avengers and Ant-Man films first. What characters would you like to see get the big screen treatment? The Falcon, The Vision? As always leave your comments below.


Are People Judging The Avengers Movie Too Soon?

Avengers Poster 2

Image by Boogeyman13 via Flickr

It’s still many months away from being released, but fans are already getting frustrated with the Avengers movie. Whilst the movie cannot possibly live up to fan boy expectations, it wasn’t too long ago people were really excited about seeing the world’s finest superheroes united on screen. My question is, what’s changed?

Similar to next year’s The Dark Knight Rises, leaked videos and photos are already swarming from the The Avengers film. What seems to be the cause of the criticism are the recent pictures showcasing our first look at Captain America fighting alongside Hawkeye and Black Widow. I’ll skip my initial concerns for Cap’s goofy looking costume, to get to the main point. Nothing looks spectacular. I’m sure Iron Man and The Hulk will look impressive, but Hawkeye and Black Widow look entirely out of place, and to be honest quite dull. When you have a team of war machines, super soldiers, gods and monsters, two assassins seem to come up short. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be in the movie, but considering no one has been greatly overwhelmed by the performances and cameos from Black Widow and Hawkeye so far, is it likely they’re going to blow us away with scene stealing performances next year? Perhaps Marvel should have considered this when they set out creating their cinematic universe. What the Avengers needed, is Ant-Man and Wasp.

If Whedon had originally chosen to include Hank and Janet Pym in the Avengers movie it would have added a whole new dynamic to the team. The two original Avengers founding members would have created a sub-plot far more interesting for older viewers. I’m not suggesting Whedon should have looked at the Ultimates series and have Hank unleash an army of ants on his wife, but considering their unstable relationship, including Hank and Janet would have really added some much needed substance into Marvel’s cinematic universe. Would the movie suffer from having a congested cast if Ant-Man and Wasp were included? Mark Millar‘s Ultimates series managed to handle all members of the team just fine. Joss Whedon‘s excellent Astonishing X-Men run proved the man in the director’s chair could handle ensembles brilliantly. I don’t believe it’s a question of what might work for the comic book medium might not work for film. After all, these are meant to be comic book movies!

One thing I have to praise Joss Whedon for is that he isn’t giving anything away too soon. Yes we have set-pics, and we know Loki is the main villain, but we still don’t know what threat brings this team together. There have been rumours of shape- shifting aliens, sea monsters and frost giants but that’s all speculation. Thanks to leaked photos and plot details, we already know most of the plot line for The Dark Knight Rises. Considering it’s still many months away, I’d rather not know too many story details about the Avengers at this point.

Too summarise I think it’s a little too soon to be judging The Avengers movie. We haven’t even gotten our first full-length trailer yet, and fans are bashing based on leaked pictures. I’ll admit, there are factors that could have been improved on, and I’m not a big fan of the film’s roster. You have to give Marvel some credit though. They’ve put a huge amount of work into making this movie happen; therefore perhaps we should just be happy with what we’re being given. It won’t pack the substance of The Dark Knight but it’s not like we’ve got a Justice League movie to look forward to.

Who Is The Best Avenger?

Hawkeye (comics)

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The Avengers are one of the greatest comic book teams ever created. Originally debuting in 1963 as a superhero team consisting of Ant-Man, Thor, Wasp, Hulk and Iron Man, The Avengers have gone on to have a huge rotating roster over the years, consisting of aliens, mutants, gods, super soldiers, robots and supernatural beings. With Avengers popularity at an all time high, I’ve chosen to discuss who I personally think is the best Avenger of all time.


(Bio)Clint Barton was born in Waverly, Iowa and lost his parents at a young age. After spending 7 years at an orphanage, Clint ran away to the carnival where he became a master archer. After seeing Iron Man in action, Clint was inspired to become a superhero, but a misunderstanding on his first outing forced him to go on the run as a falsely accused thief. Clint then met the Soviet spy, The Black Widow who persuades Clint to steal technology from Iron Man. After the mission proves unsuccessful, Hawkeye decides to stay solo, but is later convinced to become an Avenger after Iron Man sponsors him, believing Clint is serious about becoming a hero.

Some people are sceptical that compared to the likes of Iron Man and Thor, Hawkeye is going to look weak when appearing next to his teammates when The Avengers is released in 2012. What makes Hawkeye such a relatable and engaging character is that he is just a normal man, standing amongst gods and super soldiers. Many people have compared to him to Han Solo in the sense that, he isn’t afraid to get in other people’s faces. Hawkeye’s backbone is his dynamic with the other Avengers. He often clashes with Iron Man over authority issues, which can also lead to conflicts with other Avengers such as Captain America.

One of the best examples of how Hawkeye should be portrayed is in the recent animated show The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The show depicts Clint as a former S.H.I.E.L.D agent who has a large attitude, which keeps him on the outskirts of the Avenger’s team. Despite only been a fringe member of the team, Hawkeye has some great standout action moments in the series.

I’m not the biggest fan of Mark Millar‘s Ultimate Hawkeye interpretation. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the black-ops aspect of the character, I found Ultimate Clint to be slightly generic, and his character was too similar to The Punisher (although there was some standout moments in The Ultimates 2 for Clint).

We’ve seen a glimpse of how Hawkeye will be portrayed next year from Jeremy Renner‘s brief cameo in Thor. So far it looks like a reasonably fresh concept for the archer avenger, but there are definitely elements drawn from The Ultimates series. The recent concept art for Hawkeye’s costume for The Avengers movie more or less confirms this.

So there you have it. My favourite Avenger is not a god, or a man in a weapons suit. It’s simply a guy who uses a bow and arrow. Hawkeye hasn’t had the best treatment in mainstream Marvel comics recently, but hopefully come next year when everyone see’s what a great character he is that will all change.