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What Characters Will Benefit From The DC Reboot The Most?

Grant Morrison at San Diego Comic-Con 2008 day 1.

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With the DC comic revamp just around the corner, I’ve decided to look at what characters might benefit mostly from the shake-up. With a huge 52 titles set to be released in September, DC is showing that they are serious about their characters, and I for one can’t wait.

1- Superman

Superman is the character most affected by the upcoming reboot. With a new origin, and a new costume, DC attempts to modernize Superman for the 21st century. Starring in three different series, (Action ComicsGrant Morrison, Superman- George Pérez, Justice League– Geoff Johns) Superman is DC’s top priority heading into September. With a new movie on the way, The Man of Steel needs to quickly establish a new fan base, and writer Grant Morrison describes Action Comics 1# as an action comic that recreates Superman in lots of different ways. After years of fans arguing Superman is too overpowered and incorruptible, DC have promised to show us, just who Superman is, and what motivates him to don a costume and fight against evil. Anything Superman with Grant Morrison involved is sure to be a hit (just see his work on All-Star Superman), and it’s about time The Man of Steel gets back to top spot as the world’s top superhero.

2-The Flash (Barry Allen)

To decision to put Barry Allen back as The Flash in 2008 angered a lot of people. Fans thought Barry’s nephew, Wally West had come so far in character development, and taking away the Flash mantle from him was a bad move. In my opinion, apart from some stand out moments in Blackest NightBarry has yet to make the Flash his own again. Well, now’s the time for Barry to justify why he’s the definitive Flash, and what better way for him to do it then when a close friend becomes a an all new villain who can be everywhere at once.

3- Green Arrow

With Marvel’s archer Hawkeye currently getting all of the attention, now couldn’t be a better time for Oliver Queen to get himself a new series. “Armed with cutting edge technology and illegal gained Intel, Green Arrow is shooting first and asking questions later.” What I love about Green Arrow is that he’s morally ambiguous. He is a fairly right-wing hero, who isn’t afraid to put villains down for good in certain circumstances. With the new reboot putting Oliver Queen back to basics, hopefully new readers will realise just how interesting Green Arrow is as a character and that a Robin Hood look alike beats a guy in purple spandex any day. DC just needs to avoid making Green Arrow too similar to Tony Stark, and I’m sure this series will do wonders for the character. Did I mention the fact that his bow now has blades at both ends?


When Haley’s Circus (the circus where Dick once performed) returns to Gotham, along with murder and mystery, Nightwing must confront his past and face new and old enemies. Dick Grayson never really fitted the persona of Batman. His acrobatic fighting style, and his upbeat personality didn’t exactly install great fear. With Bruce back as the Caped Crusader, Dick returns once more as Nightwing. The reboot has given Grayson a new black and red colour scheme for his suit, which indicates DC intend on making Nightwing the coolest character in comic books again. Hopefully his new series will have plenty of action, and a hook up with Barbara Gordon not too far down the line. Marvel have proven former sidekicks such as Bucky Barnes can be just as popular if not more so than their respective heroes, so hopefully DC will have the same success with Nightwing.

So there you have it. These are the top 4 characters I think will benefit most from the DC comics revamp. With a whopping 52 titles set to be released, there are sure to be some stinkers, but as far as these four characters go things are about to get big. Other names such as Wonder Woman and Aquaman also have a shot at finding glory, but only time will tell. Bring on September!


DC Characters We Will Never See As Movies

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The summer comic book movie season started off with a hammering bang. Thor was superb, offering cinema audiences a slightly different superhero movie to what they’re used too, but still managing to be dramatic, compelling and fun. X-Men: First Class was dramatic, intelligent, and filled with youthful energy. The pressure was on for DC’s Martin Campbell‘s directed Green Lantern, and did it deliver? No. The movie was universally panned by critics and now faces a struggle to avoid becoming a box office disaster. With Warner Bros putting such high hopes on Green lantern for it to instantly fail, the ramifications will undoubtedly halt future DC movies for B-List characters. But which ones?

The Flash

The adventures of DC’s Scarlett Speedster would undoubtedly have been DC’s next superhero film in line. With a huge comic book fan base, The Flash could have easily translated well to the big screen. Whether the film followed the origin of the always late Barry Allen, or the story of his nephew Wally West, it was a certainty that the film would be announced after the success of Green Lantern. With Hal Jordan not causing much of a storm at the box office, the film starring the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Mark Strong struggling will undoubtedly have Warner Bros pushing the panic button on their smaller franchises, meaning we probably won’t see a Flash movie any time soon. It is however the most likely character to avoid the fall out of the Green Lantern movie.

Wonder Woman

This will undoubtedly be the certain casualty of the fall out of Green Lantern’s failure. With Joss Whedon the only likely candidate to successfully helm the Wonder Woman film and get results busy on Avengers business, the Amazon Princess will likely stay in development hell for the mean time.


Lampooned by comic book fans as the ‘useless’ hero who talks to sea animals, the cinematic potential for Aquaman likes much deeper. Aquaman could have been an underwater epic, to rival the likes of Avatar. The story could have followed a young Arthur Curry as his human father raised him in the under water city of Atlantis, where Curry develops healing powers along with other powers suited to his aquatic surroundings. What also makes this film standout is that of all the superhero movies getting the 3-D treatment, this was probably the film that could have benefited from it most. If Green Lantern can’t strike cinematic gold, there’s no chance of seeing Aquaman on cinema screens, unless a director such as James Cameron or Steven Spielberg gets behind it.

So these are the main DC films that will probably never see the light of day. There are tons of other DC properties that could have benefited from films, such as Green Arrow, Black Canary, Atom and Hawkman, but these certainly won’t be made if the big three I mentioned can’t escape development hell. Also to take into account, is that Warner Bros are behind the upcoming DC comics reboot, as they wish to start turning a profit on comics books, meaning money saving now seems to be on their agenda.

They do certainly not seem like the type of company to give us a Martian Manhunter film anyway.

What Next After Smallville?

Tom Welling as Superman/Clark Kent.

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While Smallville may not have been everyone’s taste, it was successfully able to take a character such as Superman and make a television show that was accessible to both men and women of all ages. For men it was a show about a the beginnings of a comic book legend, but for women the show was also about the drama of a young superhero in the making going through high school. In my opinion there are some great potential shows that could fill the void left by Smallville.

1) X-Men: First Class

This sci-fi show would show how the first group of mutants were trained by Professor Xavier to save the world and fight for mutant rights. Whilst having nothing to do with the movie of the same name, this show would be follow the original X-Men such as Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel and Beast. To distinguish it from the movie, this show would depict the older years of Professor X, after Magneto and they had fallen out. It would have all the drama of teen mutants struggling to fit into society, whilst also being a show about superheroes with kick-ass powers.

2) Deadpool

Now Ryan Reynolds seems all but tied up with Green lantern, I’m a true believer that a Deadpool movie simply won’t happen. Luckily, the character is under Fox who have a great reputation for TV shows.  I’m certain Deadpool could easily translate into one awesome TV show if given the chance. A show about a mercenary with no rules and a big mouth would provide audiences with great action, good comedy aswell as providing a fresh comic book character in a market that’s becoming heavily saturated. Whilst casting the merc with a mouth would be difficult, I’m sure a show about Deadpool would provide some great fourth wall busting action.

3) The Flash

DC seems to be unsure over what characters to now apply to TV shows. With Smallville finished and Wonder Woman cancelled, I would give the Flash character a chance to shine. Whilst I’m sure a Flash motion picture is on the horizon for DC, (especially now that fans are dreaming of a Justice League movie) what better way to test the waters then by giving Barry Allen or Wally West to chance to shine on TV. Although the character has already had a stint on TV back in 1990, what better time to reintroduce the Scarlett Speedster than a time where he can be given a show with top notch special effects. Plus, being owned by Warner Bros would give the show some serious funding, and with the character being so popular this show could be a potential cult classic.

These are just the main three shows I think would be great to have on television. Let me know what you think. Do any of these shows sound interesting? Or do you have your own idea for a superhero TV show? Please let me know and leave your comments below.

The Flash needs a movie and fast

The Flash Has a Britney Spears Moment

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Carrying on with my week of superhero film discussion, next up is DC’s beloved superhero The Flash.

The Flash has one of the biggest cult followings in comic book history. References are made to the character all the time in everyday situations and in popular culture. I was watching season four of the TV show The Big Bang Theory recently and there were numerous references to the character made. It’s obvious there’s a target audience for a potential film, and if the film were done in the right way, it would do wonders for DC in the film market.

The movie would obviously need to be a high octane, special effects extravaganza, lightly sprinkled with elements of comedy. The Flash is not necessarily a dark character; therefore the film would have to capture a tone similar to Spider-Man/ Green Hornet.

The Flash will have to be a fast paced film (no pun intended) in order to keep audience’s unfamiliar with the character interested. The film should definitely not be a stretched out origin story. We need to see the character in the suit pretty quickly.

Which obviously brings into question the man behind the suit. Which Flash should be on screen, Barry Allen or Wally West? It could really be either depending on the tone of the film. If they go with Allen, then the film would follow a conventional origin based plot line, which would be interesting, but it might not be enough to keep audiences engaged. If they went with Wally West however, things get a bit more interesting.

For those who don’t know, Wally West is the nephew of Barry Allen and the film could follow the story of West trying to live up to Allen’s legacy as the Scarlet Speedster. This would give the film something fresh therefore I would go with West.

In my opinion a Flash movie would work perfectly well on screen. As long as Warner Bros refrains from trying to make it into another Dark Knight, this could be the start of DC finally giving some of their B-list characters a chance. Hopefully DC will then give us a decent Wonder Woman and Green Arrow movie.

Even if they don’t however, I’ll still be racing to see The Flash.