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We’ve had a Royal Wedding, why not a Super Wedding?

Fantastic 4 - Rise of the silver surfer

Image by Brajeshwar via Flickr

The Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton has taken place, and seeing how excited people get over weddings has led me to ask why we don’t see more superhero weddings on screen?

There are plenty of superhero weddings in comic books, such as Spider-Man and Mary Jane, Superman and Lois Lane, but when it comes to film, our heroes seem to fall shy when it comes to asking the big question? Is it because marriages between heroes are doomed to fail? Or are they just afraid of commitment.

First up is our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. When we last saw the webslinger in Spider-Man 3 he had had his proposal to his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson surprisingly rejected. And this was after enduring a battle with his best friend where he nearly lost his engagement ring, kissing another woman and fighting a giant sandmonstor. He certainly didn’t catch a break when it came to marriage proposals. Sadly we will never see if MJ eventually accepted as the franchise has been rebooted for a new Spidey played by Andrew Garfield in 2012.

Next up is Batman in The Dark Knight. The caped crusader was unable to commit to life long love Rachel Dawes because of his antics as the dark knight. To add insult to injury, Rachel goes and accepts a proposal from District Attorney Harvey Dent. Even that marriage was doomed from the start as moments after telling Dent she accepts, The Joker kills her and Dent is hideously scarred and turns into Two Face. Seems no one wins in that triangle.

We almost had a wedding of royal scale in Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Tipped as the wedding of the century in the film, the service between Mr Fantastic and the Invisible Woman was interrupted by the Silver Surfer. Cue a crashing helicopter, a fiery chase between the Human Torch and the cosmic surfer, and the service was ruined. The super couple did marry at the end of the film in a private ceremony in Japan, however they had to prematurely wrap up the ceremony to attend superhero duties.

Perhaps Superman fairs a little better. He at least fathered a child out of wedlock in Superman Returns. The Man of Steel didn’t even seem to have the courage to ask his mortal lover Lois Lane to marry him. I think that’s Superman’s problem not hers, as Lois had been married in Superman Returns to another man for at least five or more years. Shame on you Superman.

We’ve seen a wedding in superhero animation however. In the wonderful 2004 Pixar movie The Incredibles, we witnessed the marriage of two superheroes, Mr Incredible and Eslastigirl. That didn’t go too smoothly as the groom turned up late after foiling a robbery as the masked superhero. Still the service was done, as they’ve been the most successful married super couple on film so far.

It seems marriage doesn’t fit the superhero lifestyle. Our heroes are happier fighting crime and saving lives then tying the knot, or in Superman’s case, impregnating a woman and flying off for five years. Perhaps Green Lantern can prove us wrong, after all,

he already has a ring.