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Green Lantern- Sequel or Reboot?

Mark Strong as Sinestro in Warner Bros. Pictur...

Mark Strong as Sinestro in Warner Bros. Pictures action adventure Green Lantern. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that Marvel have proven a superhero ensembles can be billion dollar franchises, rivals Warner Bros and DC look like they’re finally moving forward with a Justice League movie. While making a Justice League movie work is something I’ll write about a bit later on, for now I will focus on what may be Warner Bros biggest hurdle; fixing the Green Lantern franchise.

Before the original film was released, rumour has it that Warner Bros were planning on fast-tracking a sequel in order to keep actor Ryan Reynolds attached, preventing him from moving over to Marvel to film a Deadpool spin-off from the X-Men franchise. A year later, and it seems Reynolds may be out based on the critical and financial success of the last movie, meaning Warner Bros may either be planning a total reboot, or a drastically different sequel.

Rumour online is that Warner Bros may be planning on bringing in another human Green Lantern, John Stewart, adding some much needed diversity to their cinematic line-up. While I’m in full support of Warner Bros adding some diversity to their superhero films, I just don’t believe John Stewart on his own would be strong enough to carry a film critics will be waiting to scorn way before it’s even released.

If Reynolds is out, Hal Jordan should not be re-cast. It wouldn’t do Warner Bros or DC any favours. Instead, Hal Jordan should be killed off away from screen, leaving the new human recruits with big shoes to fill. We saw the total disregard from other Lanterns towards the human race in the first film, so that should not be recycled. Instead, why not have it that Hal Jordan’s sacrifice has earned the human race a huge amount of respect, leading to the Lantern’s recruiting not one, but three new humans.

John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner should be the new Green Lanterns for the next movie. All three have drastically different personalities, and a movie line-up lead by three main characters will help add gravitas to the film where the previous version lacked. Now there is a reason for humans to be among the other Lanterns. Plus with Hal Jordan’s death, it even gives room for Reynolds to film some flashback scenes if he really wanted.

Should the main villain be Sinestro? Definitely not. Mark Strong‘s portrayal as the leader of the Green Lanterns was just about the only redeeming quality to the previous movie, despite the fact that his character received a butchered attempt at giving Sinestro a side-story where he becomes a Yellow Lantern. The next movie needs to properly flesh out Sinestro’s character, enabling him to act as a villain for a third film, or perhaps even for the Justice League movie similar to what Marvel did with Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. Since Parallax has already been used (terribly) that rules that out. Many fans feel the Manhunters should be the new villains, but they wouldn’t really be interesting enough on their own. While my Green Lantern knowledge is not as strong as it should be, I feel introducing Amon Sur, the son of the late Abin Sur, would be a great way to introduce a villain with a personal connection to the heroes. For those that don’t know, Amon was jealous that his father had given a power ring to a human, and became a powerful interstellar criminal as a result. He even joined the Sinestro Corps later on so that could even be used for a third film.

So there are my ideas on how to fix the Green Lantern franchise. I for one really hope DC doesn’t let the Green Lantern franchise fall into limbo. There are many great Green Lantern stories out there just waiting to become movies. If it was done correctly, Secret Origin, Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night should have been the trilogy.  Despite my prediction, I hope there’s still hope for that.

Do any of you Green Lantern fans agree? How would you want Warner Bros to bring back the Lanterns? As always leave your comments below!


What Next After Smallville?

Tom Welling as Superman/Clark Kent.

Image via Wikipedia

While Smallville may not have been everyone’s taste, it was successfully able to take a character such as Superman and make a television show that was accessible to both men and women of all ages. For men it was a show about a the beginnings of a comic book legend, but for women the show was also about the drama of a young superhero in the making going through high school. In my opinion there are some great potential shows that could fill the void left by Smallville.

1) X-Men: First Class

This sci-fi show would show how the first group of mutants were trained by Professor Xavier to save the world and fight for mutant rights. Whilst having nothing to do with the movie of the same name, this show would be follow the original X-Men such as Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel and Beast. To distinguish it from the movie, this show would depict the older years of Professor X, after Magneto and they had fallen out. It would have all the drama of teen mutants struggling to fit into society, whilst also being a show about superheroes with kick-ass powers.

2) Deadpool

Now Ryan Reynolds seems all but tied up with Green lantern, I’m a true believer that a Deadpool movie simply won’t happen. Luckily, the character is under Fox who have a great reputation for TV shows.  I’m certain Deadpool could easily translate into one awesome TV show if given the chance. A show about a mercenary with no rules and a big mouth would provide audiences with great action, good comedy aswell as providing a fresh comic book character in a market that’s becoming heavily saturated. Whilst casting the merc with a mouth would be difficult, I’m sure a show about Deadpool would provide some great fourth wall busting action.

3) The Flash

DC seems to be unsure over what characters to now apply to TV shows. With Smallville finished and Wonder Woman cancelled, I would give the Flash character a chance to shine. Whilst I’m sure a Flash motion picture is on the horizon for DC, (especially now that fans are dreaming of a Justice League movie) what better way to test the waters then by giving Barry Allen or Wally West to chance to shine on TV. Although the character has already had a stint on TV back in 1990, what better time to reintroduce the Scarlett Speedster than a time where he can be given a show with top notch special effects. Plus, being owned by Warner Bros would give the show some serious funding, and with the character being so popular this show could be a potential cult classic.

These are just the main three shows I think would be great to have on television. Let me know what you think. Do any of these shows sound interesting? Or do you have your own idea for a superhero TV show? Please let me know and leave your comments below.

I’m thinking: It’s a case of goodbye Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool

Deadpool- The merc with a mouth

It seems things are finally moving now that Tim Miller has signed on to direct the 2014 R rated comic book movie, Deadpool. There’s been hype over this movie since we first got a glimpse of Reynolds as the merc with a mouth (or barackapool as he is now known) in the 2009 summer disappointment, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The Deadpool movie has been stuck in development hell for the past two years. Robert Rodriguez was close to helming the project but walked away to make a film that equals The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor in zero demand, Spy Kids 4. Deadpool’s delay in production has also lead to Warner Bros snapping up one of their biggest assets Ryan Reynolds for a Green Lantern trilogy. Whilst Reynolds has openly stated he is still up for the role of Wade Wilson, it seems unlikely he’ll be able to fit the merc with a mouth and Hal Jordan together in the next two years.

Whilst I think Reynolds is a perfect choice for Wade Wilson, having him play Hal Jordan in the GL sequel and Wade Wilson so close together might alienate some viewers. It’s the same case for what’s happened with Chris Evans as Captain America. Evans was such a good Human Torch in Fantastic 4, it’s going to be interesting to see if he can play a completely different character in July.

If Reynolds does drop out of the project and Fox decide to still push on, I’d recommend Sean William Scott for the role of Deadpool. Sure he’s got his issues, but if he can overcome then he’d make a great fourth wall busting mercenary. Plus, as I said before, it’s time masked comic book characters actually keep their masks on. Reynolds is emerging into one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and I doubt he’d have his face appear disfigured or wear a mask for the entire film.

To me Deadpool is beginning to smell like a straight to DVD release. It remains to be seen if the movie finally does go ahead, but as long as we get something different from the silent barackpool we got in Wolverine, I’ll be happy.