To quote Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory- ‘ This sandwich is an unmedicated disaster’

The Reuben sandwich: Possibly invented in Omah...

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It was a Wednesday afternoon, I was very busy filming all day for a project so I only had a small break to quickly pop into my university’s SU shop for a sandwich. Normally I’d expect a chicken and cheese salad sandwich to be just the tick.. What I got was a two halves of mush!

I’m only writing about this because I was so hungry that day and it made me really sad! =[ The tomato juice and moisture from the lettuce had ruined the bread so it fell apart in my hand instantly and the packaging said it came with cheese, BUT THERE WAS NO CHEESE! =[

If the Tories thought students had it easy, wait till they hear my horrible experience…

So I want to hear about your experiences with disastrous sandwiches, any that ruined your day? Maybe leave a comment to tell me I am a very strange person who is writing a post about a bad sandwich? Either way feedback is groovy!


Why you should never turn down the chance to live in university halls…

A little more on the sad side this one…

When your university accommodation office calls you to offer you a room never turn it down. I did and let me tell you it will completely ruin your university experience. If you chose to live in private accommodation fair enough, but staying at home isn’t a good idea.

Of course to get a call from the accommodation office you actually need to have previously applied, which I had done but decided halls were not for me last minute. My ideology was that I was in a happy relationship and going out clubbing to see who can pull the easy tart obviously didn’t appeal to me, and my university was in the same borough as my home so I just thought it would be easier and cheaper to stay at home.

This has this really damaged my social life as I can’t see friends from home because I’m at uni most days, and also i can’t see my friends at uni because I’m at home and unless there’s a spare floor going, partying out isn’t an option. But missing out on clubbing doesn’t bother me as much. What bothers me is that it seems it’s impossible to get to know your classmates if you don’t socialise outside. I’m a nice guy but for some reason that isn’t enough.

Now I’m noticing how my decision is starting to have an affect my grades. Practical projects, which need to be done outside of the classroom, I’ve found really hard to do because of the time constraints commuting adds. Where as students have time to do their work early morning and evening, I don’t because I’m traveling for four hours and fifteen minutes a day.

I’ve made a really bad decision and sometimes I think uni might not be for me, but i can’t help but think how better things might be if I just said yes to that one phone call.

2011-The year of comic book movies…

Amongst the hype of such successful films released this year such as The King’s Speech and Black Swan , brewing in the back somewhere seems to be the emergence of comic book movies based on B-list superheroes. When I say B-list I’m referring to characters that are not as popular as your mainstream heavy hitters such as Batman and Spider-man. At first you may ask your self, why are these movie studios bringing out films based on B-list heroes?

Some of the more popular characters such as Spider-man and X-men have had their franchises exhausted  to the point of actually having to reboot the movies only ten years after the original. With the success of the breakout B-list hero Iron Man in 2008, movie studios have seen that there is a winning formula is delivering superhero movies which are fresh, non-exhausted and different. If 2008 was the starter than 2011 appears to definitely be the main course with eight big comic book movies due this year alone. Is this a case of there being more appeal for fresh, untouched characters, or a simple case of Hollywood tying to milk as much money as they can of out comic book fans such as myself.

Time will tell but as far as my prediction of success, DC’s Green Lantern will be the most successful with Marvel’s Thor and Captain America making just enough to get people excited about superhero team up film The Avengers in 2012.

The Metropolitan line is my hell

Today was my first day back at Uni after a relaxing three day weekend. After enduring an awful Metropolitan line service last month I thought things might be a bit better this time around. Ohhh how I was wrong. An awful service on the Met line left many of my fellow students struggling to get to uni today and surely it’s time for something to be done.

After arriving at Rayners Lane at around 09:00, I was forced to endure a wait for up to thirty five minutes due to a signal failure at Baker Street. If the signals are as old as what people are saying then surely it’s to replace them. Despite the faff TFL give us, telling is that the new Met trains and signals are being introduced, but there is a long wait to see the results as the new service isn’t expected until 2016 . That’s a great deal of good for seeing as I will be done with uni by then and won’t actually need it.

The poor service needs a radical overhaul and fast. I’ll prefer to cycle otherwise.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better. Doubtful