The Incredible Hulk 2?

The Incredible Hulk

You have to give Marvel credit. They are putting out movies on their best characters on a yearly basis, and good news is, that’s not about to stop anytime soon. Next year we have The Avengers, the year after gives us Iron Man 3 and Thor 2, and 2014 sees the release of the sequel to this year’s Captain America: The First Avenger. So we know we’re going to see more of Iron Man, Cap and Thor, but where does that leave the Incredible Hulk?

The last time we saw the Green Goliath was back in 2008, in the Hulk reboot starring Edward Norton as Dr Bruce Banner. Whilst the movie was far from groundbreaking, it was a decent action flick, even though it lacked substance. To no surprise, the role of Banner was taken from Norton and given to fellow actor Mark Ruffalo for next year’s Avengers film. In my personal opinion, Ruffalo does not suit the role of Banner. When we last saw Bruce, he was on the run from the military, sneaking across America in his quest to remain hidden. If continuity matters, (and to Marvel Studios it’s meant to) how has a man who’s spent years hiding in less developed countries managed to put on a lot of weight and age considerably since we last saw him. I realise the role of The Incredible Hulk is often referred to ‘Hamlet’ in the sense that there are lots of different actor’s takes on the giant, but how can The Incredible Hulk be considered cannon if Bruce Banner looks completely different in The Avengers?

Which brings me to my point. If there were going to be an Incredible Hulk 2, the role of Bruce Banner would again need to be recast. Even if Ruffalo gives us a brilliant performance as Banner next year, he’s not suitable to carry his own Hulk movie. As Green Lantern proved, with comic book movies at an all time high, there are bound to be some bad ones, and if done wrong The Incredible Hulk 2 could be a bad one. The movie will need all the help it can get, meaning a new lead actor who can draw in the big audiences Ruffalo would struggle to do.

People criticise Ang Lee’s Hulk, but the one thing I liked about it was Eric Bana as Bruce. Bana’s portrayal gave The Hulk some depth and drama, which Norton lacked. A new Hulk movie would again need to tap into the mind of Bruce Banner, and how he feels about his inner monster. 2008’s Hulk got it partially right with Banner desperate on the run, but it needed to go that extra mile and when it did, it had its most powerful scene with Bruce Banner attempting suicide in the Arctic cut. Scenes like that would be critical for a new Hulk movie, as comic book movies need to show they have enough depth to succeed.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important factor is making sure the Hulk is seen as a hero. We’ve seen Hulk vs. the military too many times now, and hopefully The Avengers movie will put the green giant back in the hero shoes so a new Hulk movie can hit the ground running. After all, we already have a villain. When we last saw Samuel Sterns, his head was being enlarged by a leaked gamma source. The Leader is a great villain for a Hulk film, as he possesses the power to challenge Banner on an intellectual level, and the Hulk on a physical level. If Hulk 2 is a go, The Leader must be the villain.

Will we actually get an Incredible Hulk 2? I doubt it. I think Marvel will likely stick to their hot properties and are more interested in starting brand new franchises than reviving old ones. I would still love to see a new Hulk film. He’s one of Marvel’s most iconic characters and if Ant-Man can get a movie, so should Hulk.

    • Summit10
    • October 3rd, 2011

    agreed, Bana gave a more in depth portrayal of a tortured man longing to be understood! While Norton was better IMO but a little more well rounded in terms of acting. Still, both gave a commendable performance 🙂 Cheers!

    • Thanks for commenting. How do you feel about Ruffalo? Do you think he will top both Bana and Norton?

    • Summit10
    • October 4th, 2011

    I watched him in Collateral, What Doesnt Kill you and Shutter Island pretty solid actor, gone a long way to have fans backing him up!

    To be honest he can, but for me it’s not just the character you portray on screen but there is a tendency that it will be a bit overcrowded especially for stars like Robert, Samuel and Chris (IMO) sharing the spotlight. Even moving forward how will he step up and fill in the shoes of Incredible Hulk 2? Everyone’s take is unique so hoping for the film’s potential will come into fruition 🙂 Cheers!

  1. It’s was widely reported that Edward Norton is in the Incredible Hulk 2 Sequel to the 2008 Film in marvel Fanon its not mark Ruffalo reprising the role in the Hulk 2.

    • al
    • March 11th, 2012

    Let me leave a different opinion. I was born in 65 so tv was at a minium if at all. Friends/playing out side and comic books and the monthly mad magazine were the only forms of entertainment as a kid. When Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno hit the (Zenith) watching them every week for me was awesome so Im a huge fan of both DC comics and Marvel Comics aka I love the Incredible Hulk and am a big body builder beause of Arnold and Lou. Before I loose myself and write tooo much Ed Norton was awesome in the Hulk installment and nailed it perfectly if you grew up in the 70′(meaning the tv show)s as I did. The first hulk sucked outright sucked there was absolutely no story and its highlight was watching three dogs get the shit beat out of them. For me the 2nd installment had both story and decent actors and for me Id love to see Ed Norton do a third

  2. hey i will say edward was looking googd with hulk role.please give him hulk3.i like the incredible hulk far more cool,dashing than the hulk in edward was best suited for the role of the hulk.

    • Thomas Farrell
    • June 24th, 2012

    Obviously you wrote this long before “The Avengers” came out but now that The Avengers has been released a 3rd hulk movie will happen. Ruffalo will be Banner as well. I, like you thought Ruffalo would be a poor Hulk, but ended up being the best one yet. Ruffalo’s performance almost guarantees there will be a Hulk movie and Ruffalo will be Banner.

    • No they will have Norton returning back for a Incredible Hulk 2 said producer Gale Anne Hurd in October 24,2008 called Gale Anne Hurd said The Incredible Hulk 2 is still on the table or Goggle it on the search box website.

  3. I believe Simon Walter they need to recast the for different actor for Bruce Banner by replacing mark Ruffalo and casting back Edward Norton as sign on to reprise the role as Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk 2. And they will be recasting back the previous cast from the Incredible Hulk 2008 Film.

  1. November 16th, 2011

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