Deconstructing: Captain America Modern Day Bookends

Avengers Poster 2

Image by Boogeyman13 via Flickr

(Warning, if you haven’t seen Captain America: The First Avenger, the following article presents a major spoiler)

Marvel Studios are on a roll. Since the construction of their cinematic universe back in 2008 with the fantasticIron Man‘, Marvel Studios have given us four fantastic superhero films, and joint top of the bunch with Iron Man, is their latest flick ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’.  Starring Chris Evans as the skinny guy with a heart of gold, who volunteers for a top secret operation that will turn him into a super soldier, The First Avenger is Marvel Studio’s last solo film, before delivering next year’s pay-off ‘The Avengers‘. Of course, to get WW2 movie ‘The First Avenger’ to present day Avengers territory, Marvel had to connect the ending of Captain America to The Avengers film. Did it work? Not really. Check out the short clip here.

What damaged the ending of The First Avenger is that the emotion suffered through Steve’s suicide mission in the 40’s, was instantly lost as he awoke in the present day. I really enjoyed the final fight scene in Captain America, as Steve’s sacrifice was really well handled. His modern day revival wasn’t though. In recent adoptions of Steve’s modern day awakening, his revival is a tough ordeal for those involved as he lashes out suspecting he’s being held prisoner. It just wasn’t very satisfying.

I praise the decision to have Steve’s first reaction as ” I had a date” to being, told the news that he’s been asleep for almost 70 years. It was a sweet moment that really adds some gravitas to the Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter romance. It just wasn’t enough. We didn’t see enough scenes of him being freed from the ice. Also, the way the scene had Steve asleep in the bed with the football report on the radio was slightly cheesy, as how could the nursing team be sure of the exact moment he’d awake? From then on Steve’s escape from the facility was too easy, with dozens of guards failing to apprehend him, whilst on right on cue, Nick Fury appears. How did Fury even get to Times Square so fast?

I hope Joss Whedon chooses to revisit this scene in The Avengers, as it could do with a bit more explaining. Don’t let this fault put you off seeing the move however, as I stand by my claim that Captain America: The First Avenger is one of Marvel’s best.


  1. August 1st, 2011

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