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Last week during a special screening of Captain America: The First Avenger a teaser trailer for next year’s superhero extravaganza The Avengers was shown following The First Avenger’s end credits. Whilst it didn’t give much away, it was successfully able to generate an insane amount of excitement for next year’s film, showing Warner Bros how it’s done when it comes to teasers for their superhero films.

Unlike the teaser trailer for Warner Bros The Dark Knight Rises, Marvel were willing to give the fans a first hand look at all the characters from The Avengers in costume. Unfortunately, I’m unable to load the trailer as Disney were quick to pull it down, but what I can say is that the costumes are a mix of Ultimate/616 styles.

The trailer started with Steve Rogers punching a punch bag, when Nick Fury walks in to talk about a mission, which don’t actually find out what the mission is. The music then begins and we get treated to some great shots of Iron Man, Thor, (Mix of Ultimate costume and Ages of Thunder) Black Widow (Iron Man 2 costume), Hawkeye (Ultimate) and Bruce Banner.

We were then shown the first glimpse of the Avengers in the same room together, as Nick Fury was talking to Tony Stark, whilst Captain America was sitting down. Thor was leaning against a wall, and we also got a first look at Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. I can’t quite remember if the Incredible Hulk was shown, but I can guarantee if he was in the trailer it was nothing special. Cue lots of action shots as Jeremy Renner‘s Hawkeye shoots something causing an explosion, Scarlett Johansson in action as the Black Widow and Iron Man flying in the air, with Thor throwing his hammer to reveal the Avengers logo coming May 2012.

It had to be one of the greatest teaser trailers I’ve ever seen. Again, unlike the teaser trailer from Warner Bros The Dark Knight Rises, Marvel gave fans something new to be excited about. None of the footage was reused, and seeing all the characters in costume just illustrated how amazing it is that the Avengers movie is actually happening. Was the trailer too revealing? No. We still don’t know anything specific about the plot (unless you’ve read Samuel L Jackson‘s stolen script). We didn’t seen much interaction between the characters, therefore any character specific sub-plots such as Tony Stark’s surprise to meet the super soldier his father always spoke about remain a surprise.

I have to give it to Marvel. They’ve worked really hard to build this film up and based on the teaser trailer alone, it looks like it will almost definitely pay off. Just seeing the online reception alone to the leaked teaser trailer is staggering.

It’s good to be a nerd sometimes…

  1. I gotta say man, I really, really liked the Dark Knight Rises teaser. I mean when you think about it, the teaser is supposed to do just that – tease. And I thought TDKR did that amazingly. It didn’t focus on action or loud booms or business – it was a very intimate, emotional teaser that alluded to Batman’s lack of a presence in Gotham and I can’t think of how to do that better than how they did it, with Gordon, seemingly dying or seriously injured, pleading with Bruce to bring back the crusader. Chris Nolan’s vision of Batman has always been darker and more mature than previous incarnations, and I think this trailer is a prefect example of that.

    • Thanks for reading! I didn’t like the Batman trailer because I thought it was unnecessary. I realise people will flock to The Dark Knight Rises regardless of how well they market it, but considering the last film was released back in 2008, they could have done a bit more to hook people in. We’ve already seen a glimpse of Tom Hardy’s Bane, we could have used a look at Catwoman instead perhaps. I give credit to it for being intimate and dark, but it hasn’t increased my anticipation for the film in the slightest.

      • haha wow not in the slightest huh? i dunno this was still pretty good in my book. the thing with teasers i think (and again, i know i already made a “the thing about teasers” comment), but the thing about them is that they aren’t necessary, they’re more like gifts. trailers are the necessary component to films, but teasers are good for building buzz very, very early. most releases don’t have them. but, just like the inception teaser that came out a full year before inception, this TDKR teaser, again, released 12 months before the film, has a very specific purpose: to give us a mere *glimpse*. i think it goes back to a deeper thing that resides within all of Nolan’s work… a carefully, arduously crafted piece of entertainment that always leaves you wanting more. i felt that way with memento, with the dark knight, and with the prestige. when nolan sat down to do this teaser, i think he made sure that they not only showed just bits and pieces, but that the bits and pieces were tantalizing. a figure crawling up from a deep well; gordon on his death bed pleading; bane lumbering toward a battered, broken batman. it’s the complete antithesis of other previews – it wasn’t annoyingly loud, maddeningly cliche or anything resembling cookie cutter. it was unique, it was short and it was enough. (IMHO).

  2. busyness* not business, sheesh.

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