My top 5 Comic Book Events

Comic Civil War

Comic book crossover events usually occur one a year and usually the publishers will promise a big shake up after the events conclude. With DC’s Flashpoint flourishing and Marvel’s Fear Itself struggling, I thought I would take a look back at some of my favourite comic book events, and discuss what made them so special if they delivered on their premise.

5:Blackest Night

This was personally for me, a rare comic book event where every tie in truly did add something special to the story. Rather than feel like you were being stripped of your cash, each of the Blackest Night tie-ins added more depth to a story that was full of emotion and grand action scenes.  It was also a rare comic book event to actually have a plausible reason (zombies) to shake up the status quo of the existing DC comic book universe.

4: Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps War

This is one of the main reasons for the recent resurrection of the Green lantern franchise. Tapping into the Fear based mythos for Green Lantern, Sinestro Corps War was one of the most epic events I’ve ever read. It’s often been compared to Star Wars, and it more than deserves to have that praise. If Green Lantern: Rebirth was the start of the trilogy, this is the Empire Strikes Back for Green lantern. It’s dark, it’s epic, it’s a fantastic take of redemption, it’s wonderful to look at, Sinestro Corps War is one of the best comic book events around.

3: Secret Invasion

Putting Secret Invasion at number 3 is sure to raise eyebrows, but I truly believe if it hadn’t had been for the events disappointing climax, it could have been one of the best events of the decade. It started out great, with lots or paranoia brewing over the incoming Skrull invasion, who was a skrull? And who wasn’t? Perhaps this deserved its criticism for not taking risks. What if they actually revealed Iron Man to be a skrull and that was the reason for his actions during Civil War. Instead of delivering earth shattering ramifications, all which really happened as a result of Secret Invasion is that Normal Osborn became top dog of the Marvel universe.

2: House of M

House of M makes the runner up spot because it contains my favourite group of superheroes. The X-Men. The mutants of the Marvel world rarely feature in comic book crossovers, instead remaining in their own bubble where they deal with their own problems. House of M focused on both the X-Men and The Avengers as they worked together to combat the Scarlet Witch whom had delivered shocking ramifications to both parties. In Avengers Disassembled, Scarlet Witch brought an end to one of the greatest superhero teams. In House Of M, she made sure the mutants were no more. Despite some overly witty writing from Bendis, the event stood out as a game changer for the entire Marvel landscape. By focusing less on the action, and more on the reality shifting events, House of M left a mark on the X-Men for years. Plus Oliver Coipel‘s art was a dream.

1: Civil War

No event can claim to have had more of an impact than Civil War. By having two of Marvel’s heavy hitters Captain America and Iron man duke it out, Civil War was destined for success. Mark Millar is known for his more mature blockbuster stories and he easily translates what made books like The Ultimates so great easily into Civil War. The book can be ready by anyone. Kids can read it to just to see Iron Man and Captain America hitting each other, whilst adults can read it for Millar’s political tones. Civil War also had ramifications that are still being felt in the Marvel universe. Captain America was killed and reborn, Bucky Barnes took his place, Iron Man became head of S.H.I.E.L.D, Norman Osborn replaced him and now Iron Man and Cap are only just getting over their differences. Whilst some of tie-ins were a little unsatisfying, Civil War stands as my favourite comic book event of all time.

And based on the quality of Fear Itself, Marvel aren’t going to top it any time soon.

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