What Could Bucky Do After Fear Itself?


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In my last post I talked about how killing Bucky Barnes in the comic book cross over event Fear Itself was a bad movie for Marvel. Since becoming Captain America in Ed Brubaker‘s highly acclaimed Cap series, Bucky has become one of Marvel’s most interesting characters, which is why I’m convinced we haven’t seen the last of the former Winter Soldier. If Marvel were to somehow bring Bucky back into comics during or after Fear Itself, how could it be done? Here are some of my theories.

1) It wasn’t really him that got killed by the new Red Skull. Bucky has been known to work with former S.H.I.E.L.D director Nick Fury on multiple occasions, and comic book fans will know Fury has often used L.M.D’s (life-model decoys). My main theory is that Bucky used an L.M.D to fake his own death, thus allowing him to clear his name and work in a black-ops role.

2) The God of Fear aka ‘The Serpent’ resurrects him. When Barnes was dying he muttered to The Black Widow that ‘the Serpent is coming’. This suggests the Serpent may have plans to use Bucky as a weapon against Steve Rogers. Having Steve trying to protect himself from his former friend and sidekick would certainly add some emotion to what’s so far been a pretty emotionless event. Would Steve have to kill Bucky even?

3) Valkyrie brings Barnes back from the dead. When Bucky supposable died, the Asgardian demigoddess was standing near to him. One of Valkyrie’s character features is that she creates a death glow when death is imminent. If Barnes was sent to Valhalla (the realm of the honoured dead), then perhaps he could somehow escape it. After all, many characters have entered Valhalla only to return shortly after.

So there are my theories for how Bucky survives. Once alive I predict he would probably star in his own series, as I doubt Marvel would want to include him in their main Captain America series in case it got too confusing for new fans who have just seen Captain America: The First Avenger. He would need to assume a new identity in order to keep the fact that he’s alive secret. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say the role of U.S. Agent would be perfect for Bucky. It’s not quite Captain America standard, but it allows Bucky to still serve his country and redeem himself. Plus, the current U.S. Agent John Walker is tied up guarding The Raft maximum-security prison.

The only problem is it would probably outsell the flagship Captain America series on a regular basis, which just illustrates how popular the character has become. That’s me done for post on Bucky as there’s plenty of film reviews to write up, but if you agree that we haven’t seen the last of Bucky post your comments below and let me know how you would like to see him return.


    • WonejoZ
    • September 18th, 2011

    Nice article, about the fate of Bucky, the only thing we can do is just wait, the answers gonna be in Fear Itself 7.1 and in Captain america & Bucky 624 and before i forget are a curious detail in the description of CA & Bucky 620 if u visit the page http://marvel.com/comic_books/issue/35789/captain_america_and_bucky_2011_620 there are this description:

    “The Story: (hide) Think you know the story of Cap and Bucky’s origins? Well, think again. The secret story of the early days of Captain America, told from Bucky Barnes’s point of view. From co-writers Ed Brubaker and Marc Andreyko with artist Chris Samnee (Thor: The Mighty Avenger). ”

    But the thing is months ago had a diferent description in the oficcial page who said this:

    “Two Marvel icons fight side-by-side once more as CAPTAIN AMERICA becomes CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BUCKY with issue #620, co-written by Eisner Award winners Ed Brubaker and Marc Andreyko with art by Chris Samnee for only $2.99! From the trenches of Nazi-occupied Europe to the halls of Avengers Tower, Bucky Barnes has seen it all! Now, learn the whole truth about this life spent in the crosshairs – and the secrets of a future primed to explode like a powder keg.
    Some heroes are born great and others made great. But a select few must go through hell before they discover what kind of hero they can be. Can Bucky find his place in the Marvel Universe before his past finds him first? Leap into battle with the man who would be the Winter Solder this July when CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BUCKY #620 opens a whole new chapter in the history of both Fighting Avengers!”

    Is so curious because in that time Bucky had already died in Fear Itself when they announced this serie, so the question is:

    ¿Why marvel change the description?
    And my bet is, because that description was saying way too much about the future of bucky.

    And a the last thing… in my country says something likes thing when that things happend

    Todo calza pollo !!! xd

    Regards from Chile.

    • That’s impressive work =D
      A lot of people are beginning to see how the new Cap & Bucky series carries more significance than what we first realised. I think you’re definitely right; Marvel must have changed the description because it more or less confirms Bucky is still alive. Though, the narrated first person perspectives are beginning to get a bit tedious in Brubaker’s books.

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