Bucky Barnes Is Not Dead…

Bucky as Captain America. Art by Alex Ross

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In a move that shocked the comic book world last month, Matt Fraction supposedly killed Bucky Barnes, the new Captain America in the pages of the mega cross over event Fear Itself.

Unlike the actual concept of death, comic book deaths are rarely taken seriously. They’re often done for shock value, to boost comic book sales, to create dramatic tension, or for creative decisions. It was once said that the only characters that stay dead in comics are Bucky, Jason Todd and Uncle Ben. However since 2005, this now only applies to the latter.

Bucky Barnes was different though. Writer Ed Brubaker brought him back into the pages of Captain America in such a brilliant way; it wasn’t too long until he had become more interesting than the original Captain America Steve Rogers. It is without a doubt the best comic book retcon of all time. Barnes had apparently landed in the Arctic, badly wounded after un-successfully trying to defuse a bomb in WW2. Bucky’s body was later discovered by a Russian General who brainwashes Bucky to be a Soviet Assassin, under the codename, The Winter Soldier.  After years of service and killings in the name of the state, Barnes is eventually rescued by Captain America, who uses a mystical device known as the Cosmic Cube to restores Bucky’s memories.

That’s where it got interesting. After the original Captain America, was shot down in the aftermath of the superhero mega event Civil War, Bucky stepped up and assumed the mantle of Captain America. Trying to live up to Steve Rogers, Bucky fought villains from the past and future, also serving alongside the Avengers. When Steve Rogers returned, he allowed Bucky to keep the mantle of Captain America, until villain Baron Zemo revealed to the world that their new Avenger was a former Soviet weapon. A court trial later, and Bucky has met his demise.

Killing Bucky in the pages of Fear Itself was a silly move for Marvel. Bucky’s books were far more compelling and dramatic than anything else Marvel had to offer. Unlike most characters, Bucky wasn’t over saturated and had tons of story potential left in him. Why would Marvel turn down the opportunity to keep the stories of one of their most interesting characters going in the near future? Can he even be rescued from this terrible clichéd shock death?

Well the clues suggest Bucky might be involved in a future storyline involving giant robots that were last seen through visions in the pages of Invincible Iron Man and Captain America Reborn. In fact, Steve Roger’s vision clearly illustrated a dead Winter Soldier lying amongst fallen heroes. (A vision we see come to life in 2012.) Bucky Barnes has not died as the Winter Soldier. He supposedly died as Captain America at the hands of the Red Skull’s daughter Sin. What’s interesting though is how underplayed his death has been. It wasn’t really dramatic in the pages of Fear Itself, and considering his last words were ‘The Serpent is coming’, it’s obvious Bucky’s set to be part of the God of Fear’s plans at some point.

The most obvious choice for Bucky after this bland event is to have him take on The Winter Soldier mantle one more, and work in black-ops role. The only reason I can perhaps see this not happening is that Marvel won’t want comics about Captain America’s sidekick outselling their main flagship Captain America title.

If Barnes is really dead, then it really does suggest comic writers are running out of ideas, and the mega event death is purely becoming an over-used comic book cliché. If Marvel keeps this up, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear fans call for a total reboot.

UPDATE: It seems we now know the fate of Bucky for sure. It turns out he survived the attack from Sin and has recovered. Best of all, there is a new Winter Soldier series coming next year written by Ed Brubaker himself and drawn by Bruce Guice. Check out the link above for my thoughts on what has been a roller-coaster couple of months for the Captain America series.

  1. Enjoyed your write-up. I’m a lapsed comic book fan, but I check back in every once in a while. I heard good things about Bru’s Captain America, so I read the entire storyline and loved the Bucky Barnes angle all the way up to him taking over the Capt. America role. I kind of drifted away again after that, but I hope they don’t really kill of such a rich character. You made some excellent point as to why he should stay around. It seems like everything they did wrong with Jason Todd, they did right with Bucky Barnes … until now, of course.

    • Thanks for reading. I just really dislike the way the upcoming Captain America movie forces Marvel to put Steve Rogers back as Cap so it doesn’t alienate new readers. Couldn’t Marvel just do loads of non-cannon one-shot books to satisfy the movie audience wanting to read more about Cap. Steve Rogers becoming a government top cop felt like natural character progression and to have him return to the mantle of Ca feels like a step backwards. If they do keep Bucky dead it’s a massive step back for Marvel

  2. I read all the way up to Fear Itself. I knew Steve would be Cap again, but that was a dumb move if they killed Bucky. I certainly won’t read Cap if they did.

    • There’s been such an online backlash already over the way they killed him. I doubt Marvel are going to be stupid enough not to listen to what so many fans are saying.

  3. The Cap book was LAME prior to Bucky’s return. I had not read Cap in 10 years, and didn’t start again until AFTER Steve died. Now to kill him instead of getting creative is stupid. I suspect they did that because they dd not want the supporting character to be more popular than the main guy in the book.

    Like I said, I have no desire to see Steve lamenting Bucky’s death again. That has been done since the 60s.

    To be honest, I am just sick of Marvel claiming every six months that things won’t be the same after some big event and the events are not that good. Secret Invasion, I was hoping for the big reveal that some character had been a skrull for years – didn’t happen.

    Dark reign, ended with no ramifications – wow the Sentry and Hercules died.

    Now Fear Itself, has big ramifications, Cap coming back which we all knew would happen – but why not let Bucky run Shield.
    Personally I would hook him up with a couple of new heroes and let him run a covert group called “THE INVADERS.”
    This group would handle the threats so huge and scary that the US government and SHIELD does not want the gen pop to know about them. After all covert is what Bucky has always done.

    • I hope Marvel reveal he’s not dead, or at least bring him back in the pages of Fear Itself, but I think what they will likely do is wait and see what the Cap films have in store for Bucky before bringing him back. If Cap 2 contains the Winter Soldier then Marvel will likely bring him back into comics in a few years. It’s stupid.

      I agree with you 100% about big Marvel events being built up for nothing. It’s because they all end up being resolved in a big meaningless fight. Like you mentioned ‘Secret Invasion’ started off great with lots of paranoia about who was a Skrull and who wasn’t, but the event just ended up being one giant battle. Same with Civil War, and sadly the same with Siege. The Sentry was so poorly used in that event, Siege felt like a pathetic attempt to end the brilliant Dark Reign.

      One interesting thing is, if you have read Captain America: Reborn, there is a scene where Steve Rogers gets a glimpse at an apocalyptic future. In that scene Bucky is featured as the Winter Soldier. Matt Fraction recently confirmed that scene takes place in an event after Fear Itself so I’m hoping Marvel have actually planned things out properly for once.

        • pedro
        • July 25th, 2011

        “Matt Fraction recently confirmed that scene takes place in an event after fear itself” How recent was that? Because Bucky was one of my favorite characters and his death really turned me off to the series.

      • http://www.newsarama.com/comics/facing-fear-fear-itself-1-110412.html

        Fraction confirmed in this interview the vision seen in Reborn is linked to an event after Fear Itself. The robots seen in the vision from Reborn have been seen numerous times throughout the pages of Invincible Iron Man, so it’s definitely linked to something coming up. Plus Bucky was seen dead as The Winter Soldier. He ‘died’ as Captain America , so something tells me Bucky’s alive.

        Plus with the new Captain America movie doing fairly well, Bucks bound to be in a Cap sequel, which means he’ll be back in comics.

  4. Let me know what happens. I am no longer reading marvel. Fear Itself was boring even before Bucky died. Cap was the only book I was buying consistently.

    • Mike
    • July 26th, 2011

    I never really liked Cap that much but Brubaker’s run really brought him into a new light for me. When Bucky returned I was really blown away and followed the book enthusicastically. If Fraction did, in fact, kill him off, I’m going to have to rethink my list of books. It was a cheap and meaningless death for one of the best characters to have been created and ultimately recreated. I can’t believe Ed Brubaker let this happen.

    • I can only imagine if Bucky is truly dead, which I highly doubt, it’s because Brubaker ran out of stories for him. With Steve you can always draw stuff from his WW2 stories, but since they revealed Bucky as the former Winter Soldier to the public, it would have been hard for Brubaker to keep Barnes in the cap costume anyway.

      It’s mainly because of the movies. Marvel doesn’t want people watching Captain America: The First Avenger, and then buying comics that have Bucky as either a lead role instead of Steve or as The Winter Soldier again. When the cap sequel comes out in a few years time i bet they will bring Bucky back once again.

  5. I have already stopped buying Cap and Fear Itself

    1. I have event fatigue, I am tired of the NEXT BIGGEST EVENT ever which was 10,000 years in the making.

    2. I read Cap some in the 70s and 80s and he was always guilt ridden over Bucky’s death and now they are going to take Steve back there again. I have no desire to read that mess.

    3. The way they killed Bucky was weak- that character had a lot of life left him as the Winter Soldier or even becoming the Falcon.

    • The Cap 1 doesn’t really reference Bucky. I think Brubaker is treating the new cap series like a reboot ish series where new readers can read it thinking Bucky is still dead from the war but old readers will know he died in Fear Itself. Either way you’re right that we’re going to get guilt ridden Steve back..again. You’re right Bucky had tons of potential left, he could have become U.S Agent, Winter Soldier again, or even Nomad (some crazy gimmick from 50’s Bucky-long story).

      (spoiler) I really hate to spoil it for you, but the reborn title was revealed as SDCC to be the time traveling X-Man, Cable reborn.

  6. http://www.newsarama.com/comics/loeb-mcguinnes-teaser-sdcc-11-110708.html

    There is some hope apparently at comiccon they announced in December a character would be reborn and this character has FIVE letters in his name

    B U C K Y –

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed

  7. I have not read anything since the Fear Itself debacle – any indication by Marvel anyplace that Bucky will return?

    • Sadly not. Marvel are trying their best to make the new Cap series continuity free so I don’t think we’re going to see modern Bucky for a little while. Plus they’ve announced a post Fear Itself one shot showcasing Bucky’s funeral. He’ll probably be back when the inevitable Cap sequel hits

  8. I think Marvel regrets the decision. I would not be shocked if they leave the one-shot open for a return.

    • How so? Based on the fan backlash alone? Marvel are going overboard on rubbish deaths/resurrections lately. Bucky would need to be brought back in a respectable way.

  9. The CAP book was NEVER a great seller, I have ony founf five or six fans who did not like Bucky/Cap more and NO ONE who thought the character should die.

    They killed the most interesting character and fans are saying that

    • An interesting thing to consider though, would Brubaker manage to consistently keep Bucky interesting? What made Bucky so compelling is that he was redeeming himself as Captain America after his past as the Winter Soldier. There was always an element of guilt or doubt to him and his stories. How could his stories go on? Becoming the new US Agent wouldn’t change anything. I doubt there’s any kind of story where the public would once again approve of him.

  10. I don’t think Bucky should have remained Cap, but he could lead Shield or maybe he leads THE INVADERS, a new team that handles threats that must be ELIMINATED, not stopped or quelled but real deep, dark op stuff.

    Maybe every member of that team needs redemption from something or is someone that most of the Marvel U does not even know is alive.,

    This team could handle threats that must be ELIMINATED, not quelled or stopped. The heroes that can do what the public NEVER knows about.

    • The problem with that is Bucky doing dark op stuff is too similar to his work as the Winter Soldier. Why would he go through all the guilt of his actions in the past, only to join up an ‘X-Force’ type group and return to assassinating his enemies. I really like the idea of the group though, and if they tied to to Nick Fury to the group somehow, it would really add to his dark side, but if word of the group got out (which it inevitably would) wouldn’t Bucky be in even more trouble?

  11. Not if the group is working for FURY or some unknown agency which has promised them a trip back into the mainstream community if they do what they are told. That’s the hook to Bucky he did what other heroes couldn’t do so they could smile for the camera.

    How is he different than Logan. who has never been charged for the undoubted countless murders he has committed.

    • That’s a flaw in Marvel’s writing. Wolverine should be charged for his countless murders. But because he’s Marvel’s cash cow, they have to stick him in every team around. I really enjoyed that aspect of Bucky, the soldier who did the dirty work whilst Cap smiled for the news reels. How could they bring him back into mainstream community after all he’s done. He would have to stay hidden in my opinion. I can see Fury taking over SHIELD again soon, due to the Avengers movie. I like the Bucky/ Fury association, but considering Marvel already have an espionage group in the Secret Avengers and a black ops team in X-Force,wouldn’t three be overkill?

  12. Honestly, Spidey was wanted for years … I like a hero on the run aspect and Fury even KNEW about Buck being alive for years.

  13. even the Hulk with all the property damage he did jumping around got a pass.

    Three would be overkill, but if Bucky led the Secret Avengers and they changed the team name I think they could really make something happen

    • That could work because it then allows Bucky to team up with the Black Widow again, as I thought they made a good couple. I’m guessing Steve would have to be unaware of Bucky’s survival for the time being? That way to the new readers it still looks as if he’s morning Bucky. Otherwise movie fans who have just started to read Brubaker’s new Cap series will be forced to backtrack the history of Bucky/Winter Soldier.

      Then when the inevitable Cap sequel hits, Steve learns of Bucky’s existence again

  14. Still haven’t read any marvel stuff

    • Don’t blame you. On an interesting note, if you were thinking of getting back into them, I recently discovered a time line map in Brian M Bendis’s Avengers series. It showcases some of Marvel’s future story lines. Apparently that vision Cap had of Bucky dead in Captain America: Reborn, takes place just after Fear Itself. Bucky was in his Winter Soldier outfit in Steve’s vision so I have a feeling Bucky’s about to be brainwashed again, considering in the recent Avengers series, characters from the future mention Bucky does something to really piss the Avengers off.

    • dex
    • September 10th, 2011

    why don’t they just make bucky in critical condition instead of dead??steve would still feel sorry for him that way.

    • WonejoZ
    • September 13th, 2011

    And dont forget his new mission in the last pannel of Captain america 619 so i trust in bru :/

  15. What is his new mission?

    • I think the new mission is a reference to the discovery that there are Russian sleeper agents that were trained by the Winter Soldier still active in the present day. It would seem silly to have Steve hunt down these agents, since it’s a storyline that suits Bucky perfectly. I can see this happening with Bucky in the near future. Fear Itself is becoming a low quality copy of DC’s Blackest Night storyline. And Blackest Night had loads of resurrections at the end…

  16. I have read several comments where people seem to think Franklin is going to do a ressurection at the end and make things right.

    • It could happen, but Steve would have to be unaware of Bucky’s resurrection for it to work. Also the Fear Itself fallout even ‘Shattered Heroes’ has Steve Rogers carrying Bucky’s body into a grave. It would seem odd to release this poster if the scene does not happen. If Bucky is resurrected, a false body/LMD would probably be placed in his grave

  17. Keep in mind Jason Todd was buried also. It would not shock me, if the Russians included a healing factor and a SHUT OFF switch so he could heal.

    • Good point, I just don’t know about the healing factor. Would that be overkill for the character? I would hate for it to be a permanent addition to the Bucky character regardless. Though I have to admit, the shut off switch sounds like something Brubaker would (and has I believe) do. A theory I have is that in the new Cap and Bucky series we learn Bucky had been given a dose of the super soldier serum, but it was kept secret so that he could do the kills cap couldn’t be seen doing. It might further justify why Bucky was able to survive the original plane explosion that sent him in to the sea.

  18. If he got the SSS that would make a lot of sense. A lot of people expect a reset at the end of Fear Itself. I am starting to agree

  19. No not a reboot, From what I read on a message board this morning, they have destroyed Paris, the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument, and the Capitol

    I don’t expect all of this to stand. I expect Franklin to fix everything or the Watcher to show up and make it all right. Not a reboot, but resurrections – and some of them we may not know about when they happen, but will learn later when the character is found alive.

    • Given Franklin’s involvement with freeing The Thing earlier on in the series I would say that’s probably the most likely option. Although I’m not a big fan of the character, I think it’s about time we start seeing the full extent of what Franklin can do. If Bucky has survived, I expect he’ll get his own series by Christmas at least. Only problem I see is if it goes on to drastically outsell their main Captain America title. I can’t imagine Marvel would like that. Brubaker or not.

  20. This line is included in the Fear Itself #7 solicitation

    • Double sized Finale with a little something extra for keen eye readers

    Any idea what it means?

    • I think it’s small hints as to what’s to come for the Marvel universe. Looks like your theory of resurrections being revealed at a later date is very likely.

  21. I think a well written Winter Soldier book would outsell Cap and at this point Marvel probably would just be happy with anything that sells. They jacked up Spider-Man, Cap has not sold well for years until Brubaker took it over. As far as Brubaker, I am a little tired of his ego: The architect of Marvel and all that crap.

    • He’s got an ego I’ll give you that, but I would rather read his stuff compared to lacklustre writers like Brian Bendis. In all honesty, I expect he’ll leave the cap title soon anyway. His smaller stuff like Criminal is getting a lot of attention so he’ll probably focus on that for a bit. I’d be fine with him not writing a new Winter Soldier book, as long as it’s someone decent replacing him.

  22. They really need to find some new writers. Marvel and DC are stale. Trust me right now they are working on the next BIG EARTH SHATTERING event which will change the status quo forever.

    And then we will read it and it will mean nothing

    • WonejoZ
    • September 17th, 2011

    Well about the book Captain america & Bucky, i have a theory about that book i guess in the end of his first arc, Bucky gonna be revealed as the mysterius narrator and the book’s name will be changed to “Tales of suspense” thats why the book maintains the numbering like what happens in Thor who chaged into journey into mystery and at last brubaker in some interviews hes said in the beginning of the next year he gonna reveal a new project so my bet is, bucky gonna have his own ongoing series. =)

    • Sounds awesome. Will Bucky be able to carry his own series though? I mean, once he’s earned his redemption for his crimes as the Winter Soldier what next? My guess is his series will be a relatively short one. Kind of like the Steve Rogers Super Soldier series Brubaker did a while back.

        • WonejoZ
        • September 17th, 2011

        of course Bucky can carry his own series, he proved it when steve died, if u thing well, the redemption part is just another step in his career as a hero, anyway i want to see when daken seek a bucky to avenge his mother, thats gonna be awesome.

      • But when Steve died, Bucky was starring in a Captain America book. I think the Captain America name helped the series along. I would hate to see Bucky overused. I would only want to see him carry his own series providing Brubaker is writing it.
        Daken vs Bucky is something we’ve all been waiting to see. Daken’s one of the best characters to have been created in recent times. His book is suffering lately, but I still can’t wait to see him seek out Bucky to avenge his mother.

  23. Also they CONVIENTLY gave Bucky his OWN red skull.

    • That’s true but Johann Schmidt was becoming stale. He had died and returned too many times, he had to be killed off for good. Sadly I’m sure he will return to witness what his daughter has become. You could say killing Bucky makes Sin Steve’s Red Skull as well though.

  24. Found reference to Brubaker starting a new ‘secret’ book in relationship to Cap in January. Can anyone shed any light on this…


    “I cannot emphasize enough the importance of what is now called Fear Itself 7.1 – Captain America to my longtime Cap readers,” said Ed Brubaker, longtime Cap writer, on Twitter today. “Not only is it some of Butch [Guice]’s finest artwork, but it sets up my next year of Marvel work on Cap and a secret book yet to be announced. Retailers will be wishing they had more stock in this issue come January, with the new secret #1 that’s debuting.”

    • Looks promising. I’m beginning to think Bucky’s death wasn’t given any significance deliberately, which leads me to believe Steve might be aware Bucky is alive.

  25. Hey Simon,

    I was wondering when you were going to respond good points. I will read the book where Cap apparently buries Bucky. Should be interesting, I have also seen a reference to something in Fear 7 for keen readers or keen eyed, So we shall see,

    • I’ll be reading Fear Itself 7 to see if Fraction can redeem what’s been a pretty poor event. It’s not been helped by Marvel releasing previews every week for their post Fear Itself plans though. Apart from Bucky, we now know what characters survive the event and what the next event will be. So in a sense, I’ve actually enjoyed the mystery as to whether Bucky is alive or not. It’s good to have some suspense in comics for a change

  26. WTH??

    Okay take a look at this people … it clearly says “As he remakes the world in his image …”

    So someone is screwing with reality.

    Now I see FOUR characters … Spidey is swinging in … Steve is running in sans mask, Thor is down

    Who is running next to Steve?

    • Ah good find. Looks promising, but could it be an artistic error? If it was a preview of Thor’s fight with the Thing and The Hulk an artist could have perhaps made a mistake? I don’t think Bucky’s going to be revived through supernatural means. It doesn’t fit well with the character. Someone on the comic vine forums mentioned how there’s a gap between Bucky escaping the Gulag and turning up in Washington to face Sin in Fear Itself. The gap is the missing piece I think.

  27. whoops here is the link …

  28. Could be an error, I have no idea what book this appeared in. I know they said one of the books would contain something for the keen eye.

    Also Cap. 625? May have the number wrong, reveals the narrator to Cap and Bucky many people believe the Winter Soldier is narrating the book – I have not read it, but I think the big reveal will be that it is being narrated by the Red Skull. Don’t know why, but I think that is who it is.

    I agree, I suspect that Bucky decided the best way to get Steve to pick up the shield again was to get off the grid.

    • Bucky being the narrator does seem too obvious, The Red Skull would be an interesting twist.
      I just hope Brubaker can keep up the fantastic work he’s done with Bucky. I don’t want to see him joining the Secret Avengers or anything anytime soon.

  29. Great article! And just wanted to let you know you wrote “Silly movie” instead of “Silly move” (feel free to delete this later)

    • Thanks for heads up, must have got carried away when I wrote this. I have heard there are plans to bring Bucky back. Brubaker has a Fear Itself 7.1 issue out in November where everybody is assuming we will find out Bucky is still alive.(There are several clues already, the main one being present-day Bucky is suspected of being the mysterious narrator on the Cap and Bucky comic series.) I agree though, mainstream comics do have a habit of destroying the vitality of characters like Dick Grayson and Wally West for the likes of their predecessors. I always assumed it would happen with Nightwing, but I cannot understand why DC brought Barry Allen back as their man Flash. Wally had established such a fan base, and I can’t see why there was a sudden need to bring Barry back, not to mention I’m beginning to hate the character.

  30. I was incredibly surprised to hear Bucky has died and I feel like it’s so weak for Marvel to do that when the character was doing so well. And I actually enjoyed Steve Rogers in his Nick Fury role.

    My website on wordpress (infinite-ammo.net) did a recent article on legacy characters and how mainstream comics always destroy the vitality of great characters like Bucky, Dick Grayson and Wally West for the likes of their predecessors… who we’ve, after a while, come to terms with being gone.

    I heard a rumor there’s already plans to bring back Bucky… have you heard this?

  31. October 19th I think, it’s a pretty big issue too. I’m more excited about the 7.1 issues dealing with the Fear Itself fallout. Will hopefully add the substance that the event has needed.

    • Anyone wanting news on Bucky http://www.newsarama.com/comics/marvel-teaser-only-one-111007.html
      This surely has to be a Winter Soldier storyline

      • I have a theory, Bucky referred to his new mission after he escaped the Gulag and they made references to sleeper agents that he trained in Russia. We also know the Russians had Bucky under mind control, including post hypnotic suggestion.

        I think Bucky had a kill switch, something inside him that would shut him down if he were gravely injured and some type of healing factor.
        If that SWITCH were ever activated the SLEEPER agents would awaken and attack, including a second Winter Soldiers.

        If there was no kill switch, he faked his death

        This is undoubtedly, the secret book Brubaker was talking about and the Fear Itself one off will lead to this.

        I think in this book, Bucky will be undercover fighting Russian sleeper agents and Steve won’t even know he is alive.

      • That sounds pretty awesome, only thing I’m not so keen on is the healing factor. It might just be me but I like that Bucky is more normal than Steve. The kill switch idea sounds very logical, only thing is, if it was activated when Sin attacked him in Fear Itself, how does he avoid being buried without someone realising? If he wakes up and runs surely Steve or Black Widow would realise he’s alive? My guess is either Steve, Widow or Fury are aware he’s alive, and we’ll likely see them turn up in the future Bucky series. If Steve, Fury and Widow were to be made unaware that Bucky’s alive, I’m guessing he faked his own death with an LMD.

        Only question is, how long do you think the new Bucky series will go on for?

      • I’d imagine a 7-issue mini series or so to start with.

        Maybe he has nano-bytes in his system which heal him or just keep him alive until he can be fixed. It would not shock me if Nick Fury digs him up or something like that.

        I just had a horrible thought, Cap and batman have been so similar over the past year, I certain hope this is Not Captain America Inc. or something similar to Batman Inc.

      • Captain America Inc, has technically already been done. They had a Captain America Corps series earlier this year that wasn’t that significant. You’re right though, Cap and Batman have been Very similar lately. It’s funny that as Dick becomes Nightwing again, Bucky’s set to return to the Winter Soldier mantle.

  32. The Dec. solicit … for Captain America and Bucky

    • The original Human Torch guest-stars as Captain America teams up with Bucky in the present day… for the first time?!

    couple that with this …


    A NEW bucky???

    • I wouldn’t like that. I can’t stand Rick Jones, and I would rather Jack Monroe stay dead. It’s interesting, but why can’t Marvel just bring the real Bucky back? I guess this puts that Winter Soldier teaser for January into a different perspective now.

      • Maybe Captain America and Bucky is not being told in this time line and it is a marvel U where Bucky is the narrator but he was NEVER the Winter Soldier

      • Well that clearly destroys my theory. I wonder if Cap and Bucky had some mission soon after Bucky came back and before Cap “died.”

      • Could be some secret mission. Cap and the Winter Soldier teamed up before Cap died in the ‘Red Menace’ arc I believe, but I doubt they’re referring to that. The author on that link made an interesting suggestion. What if Bucky is just be retelling his stories to other fallen heroes in Valhalla? An anti-climax I’m sure, but it makes sense.

  33. Just read a couple of reviews for Fear Itself #7 seemed to be an underwhelming finale and no reboot or hint of Bucky being alive. Man I feel sorry for the folks that spent their money on this.

    • I’ve been doing the same. I’ve just been popping into my local comic book shop and reading the issues off the selves (not exactly helping the industry I know) but as you say, I feel bad for people who spent their money on it. It feels too much like a filler event, especially since next year’s Ultron War event is already getting more hype than what Fear Itself got all together. Marvel dropped the ball on this one,

  34. Tomorrow Fear Itself 7.1 comes out any takers on it being revealed Bucky is alive?

  35. All I have to say is Marvel has won me back … spoilers at this link:


    • We knew it was coming, credit to Marvel. It doesn’t do Fear Itself any favours still, now Bucky’s death in FI3 has no significance. Really excited for this project though, I’ll definitely be picking it up. After all the speculating we’ve done since FI 3 was released, we finally know Bucky survived. Well done Marvel!

      • Went out and got the issue, the way he survived makes sense, so no healing factor or kill switch.

        Fear Itself is like every other Marvel big event in the end it means NOTHING. Looking forward to Winter Soldier #1 in January.

      • Haven’t had the chance to pick up the issue yet, I just saw the spoilers earlier on. What was the actual reason behind his survival? I’m guessing L.M.D?

      • The attack on him was real, but he actually had a faint pulse Fury gave him the last of the Infinity Potion – two days later he was awake but weak.

        They replaced him with an LMD. The entire thing was Natasha’s idea.

        BTW at book’s end Steve does know Bucky is alive. Fury tells him early on and Cap beats the crap out of him. Bucky tells Cap, he didn’t want Cap to spend more years mourning him and that for now Bucky has to do what he did in WW2 – operate from the shadows.

        The memorial is still held and none of the Avengers know its a sham. Hawkeye comments that it seemed like Cap smiled a couple of times as he read Bucky’s eulogy. At the end Bucky is riding off on his motorcycle and says he hopes it is the road to redemption.

      • Sounds awesome. Poor old Nick Fury, that’s not the first time Steve has beaten the crap out of him. He needs something else to do. Hopefully he’ll be running S.H.I.E.L.D again one day. As for Bucky, I’m glad he’s going to be the Winter Soldier again. I’m glad he hasn’t become Nomad or US Agent.

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