My Favourite Bond

James bond - quantum of solace

Image by Julien Haler via Flickr

I’m not a big fan of the James Bond films. I find them overly clichéd, and at the most of times they’re really easy to predict. Many of the films share the same formula, which why I wasn’t surprised when the series was rebooted back in 2006 with Casino Royale.  In attempt to see if I could enjoy the Bond films once more, I recently watched Quantum of Solace for the first time.

Despite the film being rid of the clichés that ruined previous movies, I really didn’t enjoy Daniel Craig as 007. He didn’t look the part, and had absolutely no charisma or personality. So with Craig doing nothing to hook me on to the James Bond films, I decided to take a look back at some of the older movies and determine who is the best James Bond to date?

Who turned out to be my favourite Bond? Pierce Brosnan. What separates Brosnan from the likes of Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Daniel Craig is that he makes for the most well rounded Bond we’ve seen to date. Brosnan’s 007 is charismatic, classy, witty and intelligent, and unlike the likes of Connery and Timothy Dalton, Brosnan was a believable ass kicker.

What hurts Brosnan’s 007 is that he starred in some of the more absurd films. Die Another Day is a pure example of how despite having the best Bond; it is probably one of the worst 007 films I’ve seen. GoldenEye is an example of how the formulaic blandness of the Bond films began to show, hurting Brosnan’s first outing at the super spy.

What would it take for me to believe in Bond? Recast. I’m not necessarily asking for a reboot, I just think the series needs a Bond who actually has charisma and charm. Whilst Craig certainly offered a more grittier Bond, which at times was really interesting to see, for me though it was just too far from the classic interpretation. I think a new Bond should have a new actor, but not tread over 007’s origin. Who would I pick? I’m sure the world would agree with me here as I think Michael Fassbender would make for one classic Bond.

If you disagree with me just watch the first half of X-Men: First Class.

  1. September 18th, 2011

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