Is The Big Bang Theory being stretched out?

Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory)

The Big Bang Theory has to be one of the best comedies on TV today. The show, which sees four male scientists from Pasadena California show how little they know of life outside of the laboratory when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex makes for one of the best sitcoms I’ve seen since Friends finished seven years ago.

After finishing it’s fourth season now over in America however, I’m beginning to wonder if Warner Bros are intending to stretch the show out for as long as possible. Whilst I’m happy to see Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter and the gang on TV for years to come, we all know too well what happens when a show is stretched out for longer than necessary. Look at some popular television series such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, Smallville and Glee and you can see how the quality of the shows decrease as they enter their later seasons. Another one of my favourite shows, How I Met Your Mother has entered its sixth season and we still have no idea who the mother is.

I began to notice signs of The Big Bang Theory being stretched recently during the season four finale when (spoiler alert) the main female on the show Penny sleeps with astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali after trying to get over her ex boyfriend Leonard whilst getting drunk. It just seemed like that twist was inserted purely for shock value, and to stretch out the Leonard-Penny will they won’t they conundrum even further.

What also worries me is the continuous focus on Sheldon’s lack of sex life. Throughout season four we’ve had Sheldon pretend he’s in a sexual relationship with his friend Amy Farrah Fowler, as well as the recent scene where he was pleasured by massaging his neck. I just get the feeling they’re slowly building up to Sheldon actually having sex, which would be a massive mistake for the show. It would destroy the integrity of the character just for cheap thrills. Much like what’s been done for Penny already.

Perhaps this is why I appreciate shows like Gavin & Stacey so much. By refusing to sell out and over kill the show, co-creators James Corden and Ruth Jones kept the show to three seasons max. This meant the show consistently remained funny, whilst not ruining any integrity of their characters.

I hope The Big Bang Theory starts to pick up pace in season five. It’s one of the best shows I’ve seen in years and I’d hate for it to sell out for cheap thrills like what we witnessed in the last episode. If they can start moving things along quicker, the show should hopefully remain funny for a few more seasons.

  1. One of my fav shows on tv. I don’t think it is being stretched out.

    • Casriver
    • June 19th, 2011

    I agree with you to a certain extent. Its funny you mention F R I E N D S because that is still my favorite show and it wasn’t ’till after season 5 that it got so much funnier (in my opinion) and well I hope The Big Bang Theory gets funnier as the story develops. Presently, this is the funniest show on TV. Crossing fingers for the show to continue with wonderful witty ways to make us laugh. I totally agree with the whole Penny character you mentioned.

    • Thanks for reading =] I mention Friends because there were certain plot lines that felted forced and unnecessary. For instance, when Joey and Rachel became an item they had zero chemistry as a couple and every scene they were in together as a couple felt forced. Whilst this purposely done by the writers, I just feel the Rachel-Joey relationship should have never happened. Other boring plot lines towards the end were the relationship between Ross and Charlie, the identical hand twin episode in season 5 and Rache’s relationship with her assistant was also really cringy to watch.

      The Big Bang Theory is one of the best shows out there right now, I just hope it doesn’t burn out, by trying to stretch out story lines for too long. I doubt we’ve seen the last Penny and Leonard breakup.

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