X-Men: First Class Sequel Ideas


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(Warning possible spoilers)

OK, So I know I’ve been hitting the X-Men: First Class articles a lot out lately but there’s no denying that the film is gaining huge momentum upon it’s release in eight days time. Early reviews say it’s great, sceptical fans are being won over, and it looks like Fox have a master franchise now in their hands. With a sequel already green lit, First Class director Matthew Vaughn has admitted he intends to introduce one main character to go head to head with Magneto now (spoiler alert) Professor X is in a wheel chair.

Who could this character be? Under the basis that this new trilogy remains a prequel to the original three films, it surely can’t be Cyclops. Especially since the sequel is rumoured to be set at the same time as the JFK assassination , which keeps the film firmly in the 60’s meaning Cyclops couldn’t even have been born yet. Given the timing of the movie, what better character to have then the mutant known as Warpath.

A recent addition to the X-Men roster in comics, James Proudstar would fit into the dynamic of the First Class sequel perfectly. For one thing he has proven to be a highly popular character, and his superhuman strength and agility would make for some great action sequences in the film. Plus he wields two huge knives as well as having a dark background. It seems Warpath would more than compensate (if cast right) for the lack of Wolverine in the picture. Plus he’s a Apache Native American and given the huge amount of racism found in the early 60’s, his character could be just as vulnerable to racial prejudice as well as prejudice against mutants making the character more relatable than Wolverine ever was.

Plus unlike Wolverine, Warpath does not have an adamantium skeleton therefore he’d actually be capable of holding his own against the likes of Magneto. He seems a logical choice and seeing as he is a relatively new character, injecting him into the status quo shouldn’t cause too many continuity rifts.

Let me know what you think. Do you think Warpath would be a great addition to the First Class franchise? Or is a more obvious character such as Gambit likely to be the new character?

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