Three things the X-Men: First Class franchise needs to fix


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I am a huge X-Men fan. I grew up on the animated TV shows, then started reading the comics, then watched the movies etc. Being such a huge X-Men fan means I have particular favourite characters such as Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Iceman and Shadowcat. When I found out the upcoming X-Men film wouldn’t have any of these characters because it’s technically a ‘prequel’ though it looks more like a reboot, like many X-Men fans across the globe I was pretty cheesed off.

There are so many great characters the X-Men movie franchise have trodden on or ignored completely, and now we will have to make do with second-rate characters such as Banshee and Darwin. (Seriously Darwin?) I’m not going to boycott the movie or anything because I am still very excited about it, but for me to have faith in 20th Century Fox again, their going to need to use the X-Men: First Class franchise wisely, and here’s three things they should do:

1) Fix the broken continuity:

Like many big film franchises spawning at least three films or more there are often errors in film continuity. The X-Men franchise is no exception to that. The idea of film makers pretending things didn’t happy for the sake of not having to correct their own mistakes infuriates me. It’s lazy, cheap and insulting to the audience. It’s why I hate the Star Wars prequels so much. The X-Men films have so many errors in continuity such as, how the short haired, trench coat wearing Sabertooth seen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Liev Schreiber) becomes the animalistic wrestler seen in X-Men the movie (Tyler Mane). Or better yet why Saberooth and Wolverine don’t recognise each other despite the fact they’re supposedly brothers. How about how Hank McCoy is seen in X-Men 2 in human form despite him shown fully mutated in First Class? I hope Bryan Singer and co realise just how inconsistent their franchise is and at least make some attempt at filling the gaps.

2) Make it gritty:

Fox shot a hole in their own foot by making Wolverine’s adamantium origin not dark enough. Too afraid to push the boundaries of a 12a rating, Wolverine was pumped full of metal and ready in a matter of minutes. Wolverine’s operation should have been like what was hinted during flashbacks in the first two movies. They have a second chance with Magneto now and hopefully we’ll finally see a character with a truly horrific origin (seeing as it’s based on the Holocaust) to make the characters motives more believable. The same should hopefully have been done with Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and what motivates her to join Magneto?

3) Devote the third movie to Cyclops, Jean and Storm:

One of the big flaws of the previous trilogy was that iconic X-Men such as Cyclops and Storm were not given enough character development. This was due to the movies focuses heavily on Wolverine throughout the trilogy. Now he’s off on solo adventures (or in development hell) we may finally get a chance to see more of the original X-Men. Not anytime soon unfortunately but the X-Men: First Class franchise would do a lot of good if it gave some of the iconic members the movie they deserve by at least the third act. Spend the first two movies going through the friendship breakdown between Professor X and Magneto, then by the time the threequel comes round we’ll be ready for some fresh blood.

Hopefully X-Men: First Class will be a sign of redemption for Fox and the X-Men franchise. Perhaps we’ll finally get a mutant movie to rival the magnificence of X-Men 2.

Or we could up with another Origins…

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