Chavs vs. Aliens? Proper Crap Film Bruv

Kapow! Comic Con : Attack The Block previews b...

Image by Craig Grobler via Flickr

I refuse to give in to the stupid hype ‘Attack The Block‘ is currently receiving. Critics are calling the sc-fi/action film a new ‘cult classic’ and the next’ Shaun of the Dead‘, but all I see from the trailer is a film where thugs and muggers are portrayed as heroes.

Directed by Joe Cornish (who worked on Shaun of the Dead),  and for anyone that doesn’t know the film follows a group of illiterate teenagers who live on a council estate in South London. When a group of aliens decide to attack ( a council estate of all places?), the gang of hoodies decide to fight back and save the day.

I’m not a snob, not by any means. I’ve lived on a council estate nearly all of my life so I know how bad the streets can be. Thugs will never be a good thing. I think the News Of The World said it best. We’re introduced to the main characters at the beginning of the film as they’re mugging a nurse. Instantly after hearing that, I lost any interest I had in the characters or the film. I mean these type of groups terrorize our streets, and are responsible for the UK having such a high percentage of knife crime. Yet as long as this film has a FIFA reference and some crappy jokes everything’s ok.

It also doesn’t look good on the British Film Industry. An industry which one brought us such greats such as Trainspotting and Four Weddings and a Funeral is seriously declining. The industry has been critised in the past for not producing enough homegrown cultural products, so to counter that they produce a film that reeks of crap. We see and hear stories of muggings and stabbings everyday on the news, so Hollywood goes and galmourises it even further? Don’t be fooled into thinking this film will show you that the characters become heroes.

All it’s going to do is make the nation even more illiterate, and generate a surge of chavvy fashion trends and hobbies. I’d give this one a miss by the sounds of it.


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