The Avengers is officially one year away!

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We’re now less than one year away from perhaps the most ambitious superhero movie ever made. On May 4th 2012 The Avengers will finally assemble together on screen. It’s been a long road since the original Iron Man film had a post credit scene with Nick Fury confirming the Avengers initiative was in motion, but now it’s finally coming to together thanks to Marvel Studios and director Joss Whedon. I found this so amazing because I originally had such strong doubts that The Avengers movie would even happen.

After all, the X-Men franchise has shown us that superhero teams can’t be done properly as they focused on one team member in particular (Wolverine) all 3 movies leaving some crucial X-Men with almost no significance at all. X-Men leader Cyclops was barely given any screen time, whilst Halle Berry‘s mutant goddess Storm did little more than sit behind the controls of a plane. Could this happen to The Avengers? Robert Downey Jr is certainly the most prolific actor in the franchise, so does this mean the focus will be mainly on Iron Man what’s supposed to be a superhero team up flick? Actors such as Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner could be forced with only playing supporting roles as avengers Cap and Hawkeye? I’ve been against the casting of Evans since the beginning anyway as he doesn’t seem to be as imposing as I thought Cap should be, yet this could work in Marvel’s favour as it puts the big ego of the group RDj in charge. Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow came off flat in Iron Man 2, is she the new Storm of The Avengers franchise? A stolen script snuggest not, as it confirms Widow has some sort of storyline going with Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk.

They’ve had some bumps along the way (Terrence Howard, Ed Norton) but Marvel have kept the hype going for The Avengers perfectly. Viewers of the previous four Marvel movies have had the chance to spot references to other characters and items in the cinematic universe and it works perfectly. Fan boy scenes such as in Iron Man 2 where Agent Coulson lifts Captain America’s prototype shield from a crate have kept Marvel’s continuity nicely weaved together. My favourite was in The Incredible Hulk where Russian soldier Emily Blonsky is given a dose of the super soldier serum that turned skinny Steve Rogers into the sentinel of liberty himself. When done right and now forced done our throats these scenes have been great Avengers teasers and have kept audiences excited over the past three years.

Iron Man has flown and gone, Hulk has had a less than smashing flick, and Thor has just has a hammering fantastic debut. If Captain America: The First Avenger can keep the momentum Thor has created, than the hype for The Avengers will be extremely huge! So much pressure is now on the Cap movie to keep the excitement going because it if flops The Avengers face an early struggle

Either way come this time next year I’ll be shouting as I come out of the cinema


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