Why IMAX is the definitive experience for comic book movies

Real D glasses

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Yesterday’s article illustrated my hatred for the 3-D phenomenon. I think unless there is a justified need for the film to be shot in 3-D, movie makers should leave 3-D alone. It hasn’t worked in a big Hollywood blockbuster since Avatar, and that was in 2009. Leave 3-D to animation, IMAX is where the future lies.

I realise shooting films in IMAX is hugely expensive and complicated for film studios. Shooting in IMAX cost up to three times more than an average film, so you can see why it hasn’t caught on as well as 3-D. The quality of special effects has to be perfect for it to work on an IMAX screen, so films such as Thor and Green Lantern would really need to rev up their special effects team for IMAX to work.

Also IMAX cameras are much more time consuming and heavy to work with. An IMAX camera weighs 240 pounds compared to an average 35mm movie camera weighing at 40 pounds. The reels only last 3 minutes and takes twenty to reload therefore it’s an incredible time consuming experience.

But what if film studios took and gamble for once. Christopher Nolan has illustrated the beauty of IMAX in The Dark Knight. Rather than add a countless amount of special effects to his films, Nolan does everything for real. This means that when it comes to viewing the film everything is perfect. You see, if there is a slight error or inconsistency on screen, IMAX will make it instantly visible to the audience, so everything has to be perfect. Unfortunately, there was one glaring error in Nolan’s film, where a cameraman was visible in one the films most pivotal scenes so even Nolan isn’t perfect.

Making everything perfect needs to become a movie making essential however, as it could raise the professionalism of movies to a new high. I lost count of how many inconsistencies there were in Iron Man 2. The professionalism of movie making needs to be raised and IMAX would work wonders with the comic book movie genre. Imagine seeing Green lantern’s energy constructs in glorious high-definition quality. Or Thor’s lighting summoning down in a god like thunderous fashion. It’s pricey but the rewards would be truly thunderous. For a recently established studio such as Marvel Studios, this may be financially risky; it would truly revolutionize comic book movies.

I’m not against combining 3-D with IMAX, but on it’s own, 3-D isn’t justifying itself. I can’t wait to see a certain green giant smashing down in IMAX, if it ever happens. Imagine hearing those iconic words in glorious IMAX sound


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