Thor represents a new age for comic book movies

Thor iPad wallpaper

Who would have ever predicted that Thor would be so well perceived by critics? The movie currently has a 94% fresh rating on reviews website Rotten Tomatoes. Whilst the movie is still to be released in some parts of the US, it’s promising to know comic book movies are not loosing their touch.

Audiences have been treated to some rather mediocre comic book moves in recent years. Films such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Iron Man 2 and Green Hornet have showed us that comic book movies may have been running out of steam. A worrying thought considering Marvel and DC have a huge stack of upcoming comic book movies due. Then came a particular Norse God with a hammer. Thor has showed audiences that comic book movies don’t have to be about dark broody characters in order to be successful. Kenneth Branagh and his team have proved that unrealistic characters on a cosmic scale can be just as fun yet still remaining as dramatic as a man running around in a bat suit.

As I’ve mentioned before audiences are becoming less patient and less forgiving in recent times. A fast paced action packed extravaganza like Thor is just what the comic book movie industry needed. It’s about keeping things fresh and exciting, and not rebooting and heading to prequels like every other studio seems to be doing. I’d rather see Marvel try out some of their other B-List characters such as Hawkeye, Iron Fist, DR Strange and Ant Man, then constant Iron Man and Thor sequels. Marvel have found gold in Thor, and extreme care should be taken to avoid exhausting that franchise with sequel after sequel. As I’ve mentioned before, Marvel should leave Thor alone for a little while now, and explore other untouched characters in their back catalogue, especially whilst Marvel Studios still haven’t got the rights to the big hitters such as Spider-Man and the X-Men.

Iron Man was a great movie. If it wasn’t for Robert Downey jr and the gang then we might not even have Thor and Cap movies to look forward to. Thor should be seen as the new Iron Man. It’s proof that every comic book movie doesn’t have to be tightly grounded to reality to be successful. Maybe Marvel and DC should start taking more gambles. If the Green Lantern movie succeeds then hopefully DC should pick up the ball, but for now,

Thor has shown them all how it’s done.

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