In my mind: Why haven’t the Hulk films managed to smash their way past mediocrity?

The Incredible Hulk

Say what you want but 2003’s Ang Lee Hulk was a big disappointment. Starring Eric Bana as troubled scientist Bruce Banner Whilst Lee was able to successfully tap into the issues in the story of the Hulk, the film fell flat over depending on bad CGI and action films. Perhaps that’s why the franchise rebooted in 2008 with The Incredible Hulk directed by Louis Leterrier. Despite having better CGI and action than it’s predecessor, the film never explored into what made the character of Bruce Banner and the project literally became a smash and crash film. That’s why whilst I’m sad for Ed Norton at how Marvel have treated him recently by dropping him for the Avengers, I’m excited to see what actor Mark Ruffalo gives us for the angry green giant.

The next time we will see the Hulk will be in the 2012 superhero team up the Avengers. Sure that only gives Ruffalo one year to successfully take on the character of Bruce Banner, but by learning what worked and what didn’t from the previous Hulk films, it might not be as hard as it seems. What makes the Hulk such a great character is that he’s technically what every nerd in the country would love to be. One the one side you have this genius weedy scientist Bruce Banner, but on the other side you have his alter-ego who’s capable of giving any bad guy a taste of their own medicine.

It’s time we got a Hulk where there’s an equal balance between the struggle of Bruce Banner and the ferocity of the Hulk. What the previous films have forgotten is that the Hulk is meant to be a hero. So far we’ve only seen snippets of the Hulk’s heroism, but what made the comics so successfully is that the Hulk was cool. He wasn’t always mindlessly rampaging across the world, instead becoming a hero and joining the Avengers team. The recent animated television show: Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes captured the Hulk perfectly in my opinion. It maintained his dominance and moodyness, but also explored how fun and humorous the character can be.

Whilst early rumours indicate the Hulk simply may be a puppet of Asgardian villain Loki in the Avengers film meaning we might not get an accurate portrayal of Bruce Banner for a while, whoever it is playing the role of Banner needs to give us the portrayal we’ve been waiting for.

And then I’m sure Hulk will smash; after all you don’t want to make him angry.

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