I’m thinking: It’s a case of goodbye Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool

Deadpool- The merc with a mouth

It seems things are finally moving now that Tim Miller has signed on to direct the 2014 R rated comic book movie, Deadpool. There’s been hype over this movie since we first got a glimpse of Reynolds as the merc with a mouth (or barackapool as he is now known) in the 2009 summer disappointment, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The Deadpool movie has been stuck in development hell for the past two years. Robert Rodriguez was close to helming the project but walked away to make a film that equals The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor in zero demand, Spy Kids 4. Deadpool’s delay in production has also lead to Warner Bros snapping up one of their biggest assets Ryan Reynolds for a Green Lantern trilogy. Whilst Reynolds has openly stated he is still up for the role of Wade Wilson, it seems unlikely he’ll be able to fit the merc with a mouth and Hal Jordan together in the next two years.

Whilst I think Reynolds is a perfect choice for Wade Wilson, having him play Hal Jordan in the GL sequel and Wade Wilson so close together might alienate some viewers. It’s the same case for what’s happened with Chris Evans as Captain America. Evans was such a good Human Torch in Fantastic 4, it’s going to be interesting to see if he can play a completely different character in July.

If Reynolds does drop out of the project and Fox decide to still push on, I’d recommend Sean William Scott for the role of Deadpool. Sure he’s got his issues, but if he can overcome then he’d make a great fourth wall busting mercenary. Plus, as I said before, it’s time masked comic book characters actually keep their masks on. Reynolds is emerging into one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and I doubt he’d have his face appear disfigured or wear a mask for the entire film.

To me Deadpool is beginning to smell like a straight to DVD release. It remains to be seen if the movie finally does go ahead, but as long as we get something different from the silent barackpool we got in Wolverine, I’ll be happy.

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