I’m thinking: Could DC reveal a cinematic universe already in existence?

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Image by roadkillbuddha via Flickr

It’s generally thought that DC likes to keep their properties in their own stand-alone worlds, but what if they have been planning a shared cinematic universe all along?

With DC finally upping their game, we have three new movies due in Green Lantern, The Dark Knight Rises and Superman: The Man of Steel. It’s been made pretty clear that Christopher Nolan‘s Batman universe exists on its own, but would it really be that hard to include it in a future cinematic universe.

For me it rests in the balance on whether or not Marvel’s Avengers does well. If it does then I wouldn’t be too surprised if DC pushed forward with a Justice League movie. After all, their existing universe wouldn’t have to apply to just film. The upcoming Wonder Woman television show could be included, and the rest of the set up can be done in the future Flash and Aquaman films. (Or maybe a TV series for Aquaman. He’s not that loved it seems.). They could even reference how Batman was unaware of other heroes, as he remained isolated in Gotham City. Sure it might seem a bit lazy to suddenly include Nolan’s Bat universe but it would get the ball rolling for a justice league movie a hell of a lot quicker.

The Justice League in my opinion would blow The Avengers out of the water. Batman, Superman and Green Lantern make for a much more interesting trio than Captain America, Thor and Iron Man. Plus, at sneaky as this, DC can learn from Marvel’s mistakes and only include brief references to the cinematic universe in their films rather than run the risk of turning their properties into congested trailers for the Justice League movie. (Iron Man 2 style.) Whilst Nolan has confirmed The Dark Knight Rises wraps up his trilogy, he hasn’t said if it’s the end of Christian Bale‘s run as the caped crusader. Perhaps Rises will just be about Batman redeeming himself, ready to serve as a hero in The Justice League.

I’m for one definitely up for DC to announce an already existing cinematic universe. It’s sneaky but it moves things along a lot quicker. I’m twenty years old already. By the time Batman and Green Lantern were rebooted as well as releasing The Flash and Aquaman films, I probably wouldn’t see The Justice League until I’m way into my thirties.

Make it happen DC.

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