The Flash needs a movie and fast

The Flash Has a Britney Spears Moment

Image by roadkillbuddha via Flick

Carrying on with my week of superhero film discussion, next up is DC’s beloved superhero The Flash.

The Flash has one of the biggest cult followings in comic book history. References are made to the character all the time in everyday situations and in popular culture. I was watching season four of the TV show The Big Bang Theory recently and there were numerous references to the character made. It’s obvious there’s a target audience for a potential film, and if the film were done in the right way, it would do wonders for DC in the film market.

The movie would obviously need to be a high octane, special effects extravaganza, lightly sprinkled with elements of comedy. The Flash is not necessarily a dark character; therefore the film would have to capture a tone similar to Spider-Man/ Green Hornet.

The Flash will have to be a fast paced film (no pun intended) in order to keep audience’s unfamiliar with the character interested. The film should definitely not be a stretched out origin story. We need to see the character in the suit pretty quickly.

Which obviously brings into question the man behind the suit. Which Flash should be on screen, Barry Allen or Wally West? It could really be either depending on the tone of the film. If they go with Allen, then the film would follow a conventional origin based plot line, which would be interesting, but it might not be enough to keep audiences engaged. If they went with Wally West however, things get a bit more interesting.

For those who don’t know, Wally West is the nephew of Barry Allen and the film could follow the story of West trying to live up to Allen’s legacy as the Scarlet Speedster. This would give the film something fresh therefore I would go with West.

In my opinion a Flash movie would work perfectly well on screen. As long as Warner Bros refrains from trying to make it into another Dark Knight, this could be the start of DC finally giving some of their B-list characters a chance. Hopefully DC will then give us a decent Wonder Woman and Green Arrow movie.

Even if they don’t however, I’ll still be racing to see The Flash.

  1. Hi,

    First off, I would go Barry, now that he’s back in comics. And I say that as a guy who grew up reading (and loving) the Wally West stories, so there is some weight on my shoulders when I say that.

    Also, my name is Dan, and I have a wordpress blog for my original animations and drawings, all of which falls firmly under the geek category. I’m trying to get a little network of like-minded geeky (fun-geeky, not mean-geeky) wordpressers together.
    I see that we’re into a lot of the same stuff, and I dig your site (your take on Thor and GL films were dead on, I feel). So I wonder if you’d like to share links?
    Check out my blog and let me know.

    • Hi Dan,

      First of all thanks for the comment, it is greatly appreciated. I’ve checked out your blog and it looks awesome. Digged your animations etc, I like your idea about networking too. I’m a bit new to wordpress so I’ll have to figure out how that’s done but yeah I’m up for it.


  2. Sweet!!

    All I was thinking was adding each others’ sites to our respective LINKS section (the Blogroll, they call it). I’ll add you on my end right away.

    And I’m new at this too. So far it really seems like a Figure it Out As You Go kind of thing 🙂

    • Thanks!
      Done that now, read some of your content today and was really interested. Glad to have you on my blogroll

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