Jack Sparrow sails in to cinemas for the fourth time

Wasn’t Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End enough?

Despite being the most expensive film ever made (budget of $300 million), At World’s End was nothing more than a convoluted mess of confusing plot lines and boring sword fights. I really enjoyed the original film: The Curse Of The Black Pearl, it’s just a shame it didn’t end there. Two films later, and Hollywood insists on forcing another one down our throats.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is due for release on May 20th 2011. Starring Johnny Depp as the famous pirate Jack Sparrow, this film moves away from the days of Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly and moves on to a sequel with tints of reboot. Following the conclusion of World’s End, Jack Sparrow goes in search of the fountain of youth; only he’s not the only pirate on board. Penélope Cruz joins the cast as Jack’s love interest Angelica and daughter of feared pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane).

My biggest problem is that The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise should have anchored after film three. If you look at what the superhero franchises are doing, none of them go past three movies without rebooting or going back to prequels. There’s no arguing the last film was financially successful, making $960 million worldwide, it’s just the quality of the movies arguably declined after film one. Hollywood should not be allowed to produce a mess of a film, knowing audiences will still flock in to see it. As much as I enjoyed Jack Sparrow in the first film, he’s been carrying the franchise on his own ever since. Orlando Bloom’s Will Turner was one of the worst on-screen pirates I’ve ever seen, whilst Knightey’s conversion from governor’s daughter to Pirate Lord in the last film was embarrassing to say the least. Hopefully the new cast will actually give us some interesting characters capable of sharing the spotlight with Depp for the once.

It’s obvious that On Stranger Tides will still make a bounty at the box office, even if reception to the film is poor. Disney Pictures really need to step up their game with this film is they are to stand any chance of a further sequel.

Surely fans can only cope with the poor movies for so long…

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