It’s hammer time

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Thor is going to be big…

Marvel have a Norse gem up their sleeve and I’m convinced Thor is going to be this years Iron Man. The reason for this is that Thor has surprisingly got something for everyone. Powerful Drama? Check. Romantic Story? Check? Mind-blowing action? Check.  Kenneth Branagh has created a film which by the looks of things is ooozing charisma, similar to what surprised people about Iron Man in 2008.

Branagh is a genius when it comes to creating drama so look for perfect performances all round, particularly from Chris Hemsworth and Antony Hopkins. The broken relationship between Thor and his father Odin (played by Hopkins) promises for some powerful drama, and allows Branagh to employ some of his Shakespearean roots to make the drama even more compelling.

Plus, to attract families to the film the film, Branagh has created some fantastic comedy elements. There is a distinct Superman feel to this film as Branagh has created humour by highlighting how Thor is a’ fish out of water’ on Earth. It worked perfectly for Christopher Reeve‘s Clark Kent in Superman so it should hopefully transpire well into Thor. Some of the best comedy elements come from Kat Dennings (even if the fans disagree I think she works well) and Natalie Portman. Fresh from her award winning performance in Black Swan, Portman is already looking like she’s fitted into the superhero genre with ease, generating some great chemistry with her co-star Chris Hemsworth.

So drama and comedy aside, Thor packs a punch when it comes to action. The fight scenes look epic in scope, and it’s about time we got a superhero movie where the hero actually gets to have an epic showdown with a super-villain. (Superman Returns, The Dark Knight, Iron Man 2 all failed in that aspect).

Some fans have criticised the look of the costumes and the appearance of Asgard in general, however what I’ve seen from the trailers looks completely natural and straight out of the comic books. Plus as I mentioned before, the marketing for Thor has been near enough perfect. The film doesn’t come out for another three weeks yet I’ve seen two trailers, several TV-spots, Comic-Con footage and merchandise in stores everywhere. Marvel are making it impossible to escape from the film and that’s exactly what they will need to do for Captain America when it hits cinemas in a few months.

Plus add the fact that Thor is the early summer movie and the movie’s nearest rival is the fourth Pirates movie (do we really need another one of those?) it’s very  likely that Thor will do very well in cinemas. In the mean time however,

Make mine Marvel


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