Inception is amazing!

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After just one viewing Inception strolls its way into my top films of all time.  Christopher Nolan was on a roll after his Batman double and boy did it continue with Inception.

But onto Inception.

The plot of the film revolves around corporate spy Dom Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) who steals people’s ideas from their dreams. When he’s asked to plant an idea in the mind of a target in an espionage process known as ‘Inception’, Cobb is promised he will see his children again. If he fails in his quest for ‘Inception’, Cobb will be stuck in dream sequences forever.

This film goes where films like The Matrix have failed. Inception successfully provides a smart and interesting story, without alienating members of the audience along the way. Inception is innovative and daring, providing an action packed labyrinth of scenes. Inception is an art form.

Christopher Nolan seems to have a way of taking Hollywood blockbusters and making them into something truly amazing and artistic. He did it in 2008 with The Dark Knight taking one of cinema’s tragic franchises in Batman and making it into an artistic triumph. Now Nolan has done the same with Inception proving that blockbusters can be smart. Nolan’s blockbusters can make you think, but also leaving you guessing at every turn. The narrative of Inception should do what the likes of the Star Wars films have done and revolutionize the science fiction genre.

The cast of the film are all perfect as well. DiCaprio gives one of his best ever performances as troubled corporate spy Dom Cobb. Cobb’s tortured condition keeps the audience guessing what his next move will be. However as the film goes on you realise that there is a tragic love story burdening Cobb’s character which DiCaprio nails spot on.

The Special effects are also mind blowing as expected in a Christopher Nolan directed film. The set pieces are phenomenal. Perhaps one of the best executed action scenes in Hollywood history is the anti-gravity scene in Inception. This insanely delivered set piece has set a new bar for Hollywood action.

All in all Inception is one of the most unique, daring films of all time. Nolan delivers an exciting  labyrinth of set pieces, with amazing special effects and an unmissable sound score. Strong performances from the lead cast make this film what The Matrix should have been.


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