To quote Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory- ‘ This sandwich is an unmedicated disaster’

The Reuben sandwich: Possibly invented in Omah...

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It was a Wednesday afternoon, I was very busy filming all day for a project so I only had a small break to quickly pop into my university’s SU shop for a sandwich. Normally I’d expect a chicken and cheese salad sandwich to be just the tick.. What I got was a two halves of mush!

I’m only writing about this because I was so hungry that day and it made me really sad! =[ The tomato juice and moisture from the lettuce had ruined the bread so it fell apart in my hand instantly and the packaging said it came with cheese, BUT THERE WAS NO CHEESE! =[

If the Tories thought students had it easy, wait till they hear my horrible experience…

So I want to hear about your experiences with disastrous sandwiches, any that ruined your day? Maybe leave a comment to tell me I am a very strange person who is writing a post about a bad sandwich? Either way feedback is groovy!

  1. Whenever I get sandwiches from City University they put so much mayonnaise in it! Completely ruins the sandwich, at at like £2.50 a pop it just is not good enough! Maybe universities should learn to make a basic sandwich… eh?

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