Why you should never turn down the chance to live in university halls…

A little more on the sad side this one…

When your university accommodation office calls you to offer you a room never turn it down. I did and let me tell you it will completely ruin your university experience. If you chose to live in private accommodation fair enough, but staying at home isn’t a good idea.

Of course to get a call from the accommodation office you actually need to have previously applied, which I had done but decided halls were not for me last minute. My ideology was that I was in a happy relationship and going out clubbing to see who can pull the easy tart obviously didn’t appeal to me, and my university was in the same borough as my home so I just thought it would be easier and cheaper to stay at home.

This has this really damaged my social life as I can’t see friends from home because I’m at uni most days, and also i can’t see my friends at uni because I’m at home and unless there’s a spare floor going, partying out isn’t an option. But missing out on clubbing doesn’t bother me as much. What bothers me is that it seems it’s impossible to get to know your classmates if you don’t socialise outside. I’m a nice guy but for some reason that isn’t enough.

Now I’m noticing how my decision is starting to have an affect my grades. Practical projects, which need to be done outside of the classroom, I’ve found really hard to do because of the time constraints commuting adds. Where as students have time to do their work early morning and evening, I don’t because I’m traveling for four hours and fifteen minutes a day.

I’ve made a really bad decision and sometimes I think uni might not be for me, but i can’t help but think how better things might be if I just said yes to that one phone call.

    • Chloe Sayce
    • June 6th, 2011

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! I loved reading your blog SOOOO much! I’m about to start uni this coming September and I’ve been wondering about living at uni or staying at home so that I save money, as I’m not sure if I have to pay much more because in my second year the government will change the costs for uni funds up! (What Bastards!!) Anyway, really it’s been my Dad who wants me to live at home because he’s worried about the costs and the debt I’ll be left in after uni, and I kinda think he wants me to stay at home because I’m his youngest child etc etc. But I’ve been having these doubts about living at home, because all my friends at the moment are going away to universities far away and so will be living at uni, and I’ve been worrying about not being involved with friends I may make

    • Thanks,
      It shouldn’t affect your social life too much if you chose to stay at home, but you’ll probably need to be prepared to rough it out a lot during your first year. (Sleeping on people’s floors, having to tag along with people from when your classes finish to when the night out starts because you have no where else to go etc.) You’ve also got to consider it’s much easier to complete group work when you live in halls. It saves you having to come in from home on days off. I understand money may put you off, and in today’s economic climate might mean you’ll stay in debt for a while after finishing uni, but I have to be honest, living out is a big factor in the university experience.

    • Chloe Sayce
    • June 6th, 2011

    ….at uni, because I’d have to go home after uni and couldn’t go back to uni in order to go clubbing with them. But anyway, getting to the point Thanks sooo much for what you’ve said, because you’ve just confirmed by fears about maybe regretting living at home instead of at uni. So thanks again because now I know to decide to live at uni.
    Thanks again Chloe x

    P.S But don’t worry about living at home. Remember that as you said you don’t mind about not clubbing, and from what I’ve heard that what you mostly do, so don’t worry! And it’s just like 3 years and I know that sounds a lot, but I’ve just finished at my sixth form college which was 2 years and that went soooo quickly. And finally just think of the future pros about living at home which is it will save you A LOT of money! Again don’t worry!!! 🙂

    • I’m glad I helped though. Uni is not as scary as people make out. If you just go there with a positive outlook people will start talking to you anyway. Try not to worry about it too much though, as I said as long as you put extra effort in, you can still have a uni social life if you stayed at home. Thanks for reading

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