2011-The year of comic book movies…

Amongst the hype of such successful films released this year such as The King’s Speech and Black Swan , brewing in the back somewhere seems to be the emergence of comic book movies based on B-list superheroes. When I say B-list I’m referring to characters that are not as popular as your mainstream heavy hitters such as Batman and Spider-man. At first you may ask your self, why are these movie studios bringing out films based on B-list heroes?

Some of the more popular characters such as Spider-man and X-men have had their franchises exhausted  to the point of actually having to reboot the movies only ten years after the original. With the success of the breakout B-list hero Iron Man in 2008, movie studios have seen that there is a winning formula is delivering superhero movies which are fresh, non-exhausted and different. If 2008 was the starter than 2011 appears to definitely be the main course with eight big comic book movies due this year alone. Is this a case of there being more appeal for fresh, untouched characters, or a simple case of Hollywood tying to milk as much money as they can of out comic book fans such as myself.

Time will tell but as far as my prediction of success, DC’s Green Lantern will be the most successful with Marvel’s Thor and Captain America making just enough to get people excited about superhero team up film The Avengers in 2012.

  1. I really can’t wait to watch some of these movies, good story lines and great trailers so far! I hope you manage to get your reviews on here once you’ve watched the movies.

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