The Metropolitan line is my hell

Today was my first day back at Uni after a relaxing three day weekend. After enduring an awful Metropolitan line service last month I thought things might be a bit better this time around. Ohhh how I was wrong. An awful service on the Met line left many of my fellow students struggling to get to uni today and surely it’s time for something to be done.

After arriving at Rayners Lane at around 09:00, I was forced to endure a wait for up to thirty five minutes due to a signal failure at Baker Street. If the signals are as old as what people are saying then surely it’s to replace them. Despite the faff TFL give us, telling is that the new Met trains and signals are being introduced, but there is a long wait to see the results as the new service isn’t expected until 2016 . That’s a great deal of good for seeing as I will be done with uni by then and won’t actually need it.

The poor service needs a radical overhaul and fast. I’ll prefer to cycle otherwise.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better. Doubtful

  1. I have a lot of trouble on the tube, delays and just random stops all the time. And you always hear signal failure, it’s like sort the signals out! It costs enough each month for my travel card. I personally would like better service, a more reliable service.

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